Monday, 6 July 2009

So now I'm a Spider

Arachnophobes are welcome to ignore this posting....

Fiona - she of the flowers - sent me a photo of a spider she'd spotted. As you can see it is a brilliant photo. She asked what it was.

I haven't got my spider books with me so I went on Google image search for the genus I thought it was - Clubonia. Imagine my surprise when I came up with 7 photos of my own out of the eighteen on the first image search page. It might have been less surprising if any of my photos had been a spider but in fact none of them were!

There was however the one portrait of me that I like (taken eighteen years ago). So now, it seems, I'm a spider!

"Wherever we are, there is likely to be at least one spider within a few feet of us." - Stephen Dalton

Sleep well!



  1. hahahaha - I L-O-V-E your humor!!! I have a great big smile.

    But the spider...oh my...glad it's not in my house...I'd much rather have a Scriptor :)

  2. Yuk and Ugg.
    More like some sort of marine insect, crab spider? Glad it's not crawling in my pond.
    I know your famous, it seems you didn't!

    Love Granny


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