Friday, 17 July 2009

A Rambling Salute (without Photos!)

Despite the sunshine I had a morning 'at home' i.e. at GB's today. This enabled me to read up on the activities of my fellow bloglings. I think that as much as I enjoy getting out and about I could be a lot happier nowadays if I were confined to my home than I would have been a few years ago. Thanks to blogs I've been all over the world, met lots of people's friends and families, had various adventures (big and little), and read a few book blurbs - and it's not even lunch-time yet.

When I visit fellow bloglings with young children who do so much, photograph it and then manage to post their blogs as well as read other people's and a book or two I realise I must have slowed down in my old age. Well yes, I know I have - it takes me three times as long to walk anywhere apart from anything else. But I used to manage to work a fifty to sixty hour week (the price of never ever bringing work home), whilst helping bring up youngsters and still fitted everything in. Nowadays if I get the washing done, cook a meal or two and still have time for a coffee I reckon my day has been full. I mean, if I make some bread I count it an achievement and all that involves is sticking the mixture and water in the bread machine and pressing a switch. So this post is. amongst other things, a salute to all you blog readers who somehow have managed to pay me a visit without locking the children in the cupboard under the stairs.

I've decided Blogging is a bit like being married. You half start a conversation with your partner and then you move on and the conversation changes and some questions never get answered or, if they were, you totally missed them because you were in the process of surreptitiously hunting for the missing remote control while partner was talking at (oops, I mean to) you. For example, I left a comment on someone's blog the other day and it was only by pure chance that I happened to go back and find the answer. Similarly, when I moderate comments I think "Oh, I'll respond to that one" and get sidetracked before I can do it. So this posting is also a salute to folk who leave comments on my blogs (always appreciated - except the one below!) and my apologies if I don't thank you at the time. (But if I did would you ever return to see???)

One of my blogs, 'Memories are made of this' , has family history and some of my early memories on it . A while ago I had to switch off comment facility because someone had spammed into it and kept leaving the same four line comment in Chinese. Not reading Chinese I haven't a clue what I said but leaving the same comment on half a dozen postings didn't seem sensible to me. I switched it back on and the same thing happened. Now I only accept comments from Google account holders on it. That should do the trick because either it will stop them or, if they have a Google account, I'll be able to report them. I wonder why some people feel the need to be a pain in the bum and screw up life for the rest of us?

Sorry GB - didn't mean to mention pains in the bum. The side effects of his radiotherapy have been kicking in the last couple of weeks and are not only unpleasant but make life difficult to cope with if you are far from a loo for any length of time. He's also feeling nauseous. I know there are worse things but it's no fun seeing him suffer. Somehow big brothers are meant to be invulnerable. There comes a stage in growing up when one realises that one's parents are not the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, totally healthy creatures one has taken for granted. But I'm only just reaching the stage where big brother is coming into that category (even though he's had plenty of operations and medical problems before). Fortunately he's still omniscient! So this is also a salute to GB!

My number of followers has sneaked over the 50 mark while my back was turned. (Note to Blogger - how about a notification every time someone new follows one's blog). So this posting is also a salute to my new followers - why not click on their little icons some time and check them out. Which reminds me I haven't managed to keep my resolution of visiting a new blog every day. It's on one of my lists but I'm not sure that particular list is on my list of lists...

Have a good week-end.



  1. You two are my sweetest, dearest, most loved two brothers (other than my own children) in life - I had to say it :)

    Did you notice that I changed my message for leaving comments on my posts? It shares that, even though, I may not always have time to respond...I wanted to and am always encouraged with the uplifting comments. I know my words are much more wishy-washy and dramatized but they seem similar to part of your message here.

    I should share a post such as this to let all know how much I appreciate them stopping by for a few minutes, even when they aren't able to leave a comment because I DO THAT ALL OF THE TIME. I'm always impressed, touched, lifted, left with appreciation when visiting you. I may or may not always have a moment to share my thoughts - but they're in my mind :)

    Honestly, I don't know how I'm able to share all of what I do in life either but I do know that if I couldn't release it here - I'd be like a balloon with too much air in it. The boys allow me time, here and there (sometimes not) for blogging. They enjoy that I share our life, photos and such. It's the things that they don't understand (writing endlessly) when they feel I'm here too long.

    I suppose that's how it's done, by including them in it. I even thought yesterday of having a blog to share their thoughts, photos and such...letting them share with the world too...but I'm not sure about it. I might just keep it all together and do the same thing on my blog.

    So...I loved this post you wrote. It made me feel appreciated, clued me in on how a certain wonderful big brother has been feeling (he doesn't share that news very often); and you opened the door into your feelings about him. I love to hear that :) to you, my sweet friend. And don't sell yourself short...LOOK AT THE STUFF THAT YOU DO!!! Many blogs, travelings, reading books and blogging of them...visiting a blog a day and those you follow anyway...

    I've often wondered how on earth you do it all :)

  2. First of all: I love the word "blogling"! (Never seen it before, have no idea whether it is your invention or if you got if from somewhere else.)

    Second, this whole post was very much in line with my own thoughts lately. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I can relate to so much of this post. I'm with Heather-- I often wonder how on earth you do it all-- and I always wonder how Heather does it all. I usually plan on returning to check if my comments were responded to, but rarely get it done. Whatever you do accomplish whether you think it is enough or not-- I always appreciate your posts here-- and by the number of followers you have it is obvious I'm not the only one.

  4. Blogging is almost a full time job. It's always wonderful to come over here. It feels like sitting down with a cup of friendship.

  5. The word blogling came from Doreen's blog, DawnTreader -

    I don't know if it was a Doreen original but sadly I can't claim credit, except for knowing a good word when I see it!

  6. I have these same feelings about blogs and comments. I often forget - or not have time - to go back and check on comment responses. There are so many great blogs and only so much time, so I just do the best I can and let the worry go. This bloggy world has expanded my horizons, and I thank heaven for it!

    Prayers for your brother. I'm sure he's glad you realize his omniscience, at the very least!


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