Tuesday, 7 July 2009

What day is it?

My blog postings are all to pot. I'd like to blame the inability to schedule but that is really only a small part of it. I just cannot get my brain into gear. I am terribly behind with my Hebridean blog and have some lovely days of walks to post about. My books blog is a few books behind. I even still have a couple of posts to do from when I was down in Devon in early May.

So here are a few odd bits to catch up:-

On 20th July Partner-who-loves-tea is coming up to the island to join me for a week and to take me back home. I'm really looking forward to it and my only concern is that she is a midge magnet. That's not too much of a problem at the moment because the midges are generally behaving themselves but I suspect she may also be a cleg magnet and they are really bad this last couple of weeks.

So while I was in Stornoway yesterday I stocked up on half a dozen different repellents and bite cures. That's added £25 to the cost of the holiday but will be well worth it if they do the trick. One thing that Boots didn't have was Avon Skin-so-soft which is supposed to be a good repellent. I went on the web and found a site which said:- "This is an exceptionally good insect and 'mozzy' repellent. It has become infamous through word of mouth. We personally sell in excess of 100 bottles a week." Infamous??? Why infamous? Why not famous? I do wish people would learn to write English on their adverts.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man pick up the iron for his friends." (John 15:3 CJE's version) GB has done a lot of ironing for me these last few weeks so it was only fair that I iron the small amount of washing he left this week. But ironing (ugh!) a pink (double ugh!!) polo shirt was a definite demonstration of my love for my brother.

In Stornoway on Monday there was an old Riley (I shall let GB add a comment about the model!). I love old cars and seeing them in use on the road is a real bonus. it is one aspect of New Zealand that I would thoroughly enjoy.

Boats in the harbour on Monday.

At the Woodlands Centre there are a couple of giant chess pieces representing a king and queen from the Lewis Chess set. Originally discovered on the Isle of Lewis, they date from around 1170 and are of Scandinavian origin and form the earliest known European chess set. The originals were carved from ivory and walrus tusk and are now on display in the British Museum. These six foot high models are carved from single blocks of wood.

I preferred them as they were three years ago before they had this coating of wood preservative.

That's today's little ramble over. Have a good day - whatever day it is...



  1. Oh...I'd need those repellents as well...may be the Indian blood running through my veins.

    You sweet man. Preparing for Jo to come...and the ironing - impressed.

    I know how you feel about pink..and ironing :) but GB knows more so and I am sure that he truly appreciates you.

    The car is an interesting one...very nice. The wooden chess people...love 'em.

    And...best of all - like your revised Scripture verse!! CJE style.

  2. That wood preservative is tantamount to vandalism. Don't the local authority realize it comes in any shade imaginable and even no shade at all. This sort of thing happens everywhere, they need a stiff letter from Mr Angry of Merseyside. How do you find pictures from three years ago? I presume the old day job takes the credit for that.

  3. For some reason I can't name today has seemed like Sunday to me. I've had to remind myself several times today that it is not. Good to know I'm not the only one wandering around lost in the week. I'm not actually much of a boat person, but I love your boat photos. The old car is great. I would love to drive it. If it corners as I imagine it would I could fly along some of our country roads.

  4. Like all holiday breaks, you are just sinking into relaxed mode when time has no meaning.
    I am sure Jo will be much appreciative at your efforts to make sure she repels all midges, some people just seem to have the right attraction for the little devils, I know I do.
    Love the old car, looks a dream, but without power steering a nightmare to corner with.
    As usual all the photo's are wonderful, with stories to tell all on their own.
    So you still haven't sorted the scheduling probs? Damn, I thought I had solved it for you! back to the drawing board...
    Love Granny

  5. No Granny, still not working but all your efforts have been appreciated.

  6. I love the colors of the blue, green and red boats! Roses are my absolute love! Any color, and kind. This white one is lovely. What will your brother do without you when you return from your holiday? hmmm he will just have to pick up and go home with you!

  7. You have a lovely family, and an interesting life. Reading a new blog every day, that's a good idea.


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