Friday, 31 July 2009

A Ramble back in Pensby

At the moment I am working on the following lists:- shopping; housework; mending; decorating; gardening; computing; visiting; health-care; e-mails; letters; blogs; sorting photos. When I say working on the lists I mean creating them – not actually carrying out any of the things on them!

For me, one thing that never stops – whatever else is going on in the outside world – is reading books. If I’m ill it helps to take my mind off things. If I cannot sleep then what else to do but compute or read. If I’m well, what better way to escape the cares and worries of the world than by curling up with a good book. If it’s sunny one can take a book into the garden and snatch a few pages between weeding. If its cold and wet and miserable what better way to amuse oneself than by curling up in front of the fire and escaping to a hot climate in a book?

As some of you will know I have a book blog on which I review everything I read. Currently it is about six books behind my actual reading and I’m enthralled by ‘A Guide to the Birds of East Africa’, a novel by Nicholas Drayson.

The weather is fairly ‘yuck’ at the moment and I’m waiting to get out into the garden. (Yuck being defined in this case as wet and breezy and not conducive to gardening.) Once I do so I may get lost so if you don’t hear from me for a couple of weeks send a search party. It’s only a little garden but the plants have grown enormous in the three months I’ve been away.

Well, enough of this rambling – there’s lists to be compiled... Have a good week-end.



  1. Photo of the garden please - don't be ashamed. I like 'weeds' and have planted a number in our wildflower border!

  2. The only listing I do, is to port or starboard when the wind blows...or the ground is uneven!

  3. I can certainly appreciate the lists. I love making lists, and love to cross things out on them. I sometimes worry that I'm a little too obsessed, and I'll give you two examples.

    Sometimes, if I do something that isn't on my list, I write it on the list, just so I can cross it off. And, once in a while, my to-do list includes "make a list of..." which might be the proof one needs to have me committed.

  4. Helen, I would photogrqaph the garden if the rain ever stopped!!!

    Jinksy, I always list...

    And Mary Ellen, if it's any consolation I too have been known to add things so as to have the satisfaction of crossing them off!

  5. Sir, your lovely pic is proudly on display at Mad, Manic Mamas (and Dads) today - We are delighted to have you, and looking forward to the next posting, as are your adoring commenters - With love to you and the darling Missus,

    Fhi x


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