Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-out - Yard Objects

Today's 'My Town Shoot-out' is Yard Objects which translates in the UK as Things in the Garden. Last week it was Textures. Ironically since last week I've seen loads of textures I could have included. Although I have some yard objects I'll no doubt notice a lot more after today. I use the word 'Notice' as opposed to 'See' because that is what having a theme does; it makes you notice your surroundings much better. I did much better with last week's "Textures" and I have one or two good one's planned for "Reflections" but on the whole I wasn't very enamoured of my Yard Objects selection - a bit uninspiring. Sorry NoeNoe Girl, I feel I let you down a bit.

Small garden statues are fairly common but GB has the only Jemima Puddleduck I've seen.

Bird statues - like our eagle back home - are quite common.

Of course, some real birds are no respecters of statues!

And stone isn't the only material. This owl was carved with a chainsaw.

Of course, some people can go a bit over the top with garden ornaments...

Then again some people have live animals in their garden or peering over the garden gate - like Norman the Ram. (Photo courtesy of Pat!)



  1. Love all the animals....real, wood, plastic, stone...whatever they may be. Thanks for you joining our group!

  2. Welcome to the Friday Shoot Out gang! It is a lot of fun and you are so right - having a theme makes you pay more attention to your surroundings and not take them so much for granted!

    Your Yard Objects are fantastic! I love the live bird on not-so-live bird, and of course I was MOOOOVED by all of the "Farmer in the Dell" animals in the gentlemans yard! Very funny!

  3. Wonderful!!!!
    My yard needs all of these. ;^)
    Especially Norman.

  4. The fake farm is funny! I like the photo of the bird on the owl statue - nicely done!

  5. Is that a living lawnmower I see before me?

  6. Interesting how you concentrated on statues. I've been trying to think what I would have concentrated on. Not so easy to find interesting things which are not every-day is it?

  7. I almost posted a cow, because that's often found in the yards here in Vermont.

    I love the house with the MANY front yard objects and sweet little Jemima Puddleduck...

  8. fabulous shots. love the ram.

  9. What fun. I am so glad I finally found your site. I have been so busy. This is the actually the first shoot out I have missed since we started this past winter. Sigh.

    I love the Puddleduck. Nice shadows. I have always loved wood art, and being from the south I used to see a lot of it in the Georgia mountains. Not a lot of it around these parts, though.

    Those farm animals in that man's yard are a hoot. Used to see a lot of that in Georgia, too. Heehe.

    Hope to see you around the reflection pool next week.

  10. What a great over the top yard animals yard!!! That was a hoot. Of course, I guess, the owls sculptures were also a hoot.

  11. Wow, those people with all of the animals in the yard...they must really miss the old family farm. And now they have to mow around all of these creatures!
    Nice job.

  12. Oh how I love the yards with millions of animals, like once a neighbor had pink flamingos all over the place, and the camel I just remembered that could have been added, but not in Jersey...only boring yards until I decided to invade the back yard!

    Great post...

  13. I love the cows!! Welcome to the Shoot-Out.

  14. I love Jemima Puddleduck! And I love the photo of the bird on the owl's head! People around here put large plastic owls around in their gardens and on their roofs to discourage pigeons. Always cracks me up when I see a bird land on the plastic owls!

  15. that one house did have a lot of yard animals didn't they? funny! wonderful selection of yard objects you have. I really like the real bird sitting on the fake owl. very cool shot!

  16. can you imagine having the strength in your arms to hold a chain saw steady enough to carve an owl? very unique.

  17. Wow, what cool statues, and carved with a chainsaw? Quite a talent to do that!

  18. I have a hard time even drawing an owl. The man has talent. I know! I know, ladies! It could have been a woman. But, not likely.
    Your yard ornament post is top notch.


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