Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Fiona's Flowers

A little posy collected by Fiona out walking on the clifftops (ignoring the Delphinium which came from the garden!) If you want to know their names you may be able to read them if you click on the last photo and enlarge it.



  1. That's cheered me up, thanks. Spent half the morning arguing with the solicitor, and the other half trying and failing to buy a motor home.
    Put things back in perspective have those flowers.

  2. I love what you did here, John!! Very clever ☺.

  3. The feather is just the perfect touch! Beautiful.

  4. I can smell the aroma! What a beautiful collection and to know the names of them all! A wonderful glimpes of the beauty that surrounds you! Flowers always bring a smile to my face no matter the size of the bouquet!

  5. I am a sucker for a good title - and Fiona's Flowers is a winner. The post was lovely - to see the bouquet deconstructed and then reassembled as a still life - truly lovely.

    I never became a librarian, but my love of books began in a library. Throughout my childhood and then following The Great Dane around the world, the first place I'd search out was the local English library. My parents' attitude was 'if you can find it in the library and carry it home, you can read it' and read I did!

  6. Aren't they pretty?? Nicer than a bouquet from TESCO!


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