Thursday, 9 July 2009

Where my Rambles could end up

My Rambles could end up with me being cast out of my family. Our family have (or had in the case of Mum and Dad) one trait in common that is remarked upon by all our friends and work colleagues - we are punctual. Like, to the minute punctual. If we say we'll be there at half past, we mean half past. Not 29 minutes past or 31 minutes past. Half past. At New Year my daughters met up in a car park in Derbyshire (one living in Yorkshire and the other in Devon, having gone via Merseyside to collect me) and we arrived in the car park at the same time. So renowned are we for this that a friend invited GB and I for lunch the other day and bet her son that we would arrive within a minute of the loosely suggested time. She lost a pound. Firstly GB was held back for one minute by the computer and then on the way out we met a neighbour - and you have to be neighbourly and chat for a minute or two. So we ended up five minutes 'late'. Note the first part of that delay - the computer (or in GB's case the computers plural).

This morning I was collected by Pat to go shopping. She said she would be here about 10.30. So I would normally have ensured that I was ready well before that and just pottered for the last ten minutes. Instead I ended up getting involved in something on the computer and by the time I had finished and logged off it was a very close run thing. I was only just ready on time! Computers have a lot to answer for!

Fortunately they were digging up the road so Pat couldn't get through any way. While she waited for them to lay down some metal boards across the ditch so she could get through she chatted to the workmen. Apologising they asked if she was in a rush. She said no - she'd stopped rushing once she came to live on the Island. She's a true Hebridean now.

Continuing the computing theme, I have decided that if possible I will visit one new blog a day to spread my wings a bit. I shall choose these folk from the sidebars of my current blogging friends. The only problem is that it seems to me it could be a bit of a dangerous objective. There are bound to be bloggers on whom I get hooked, with whom I feel such an instant rapport that I have to go back. Even if it only works out at about five per cent of these new folk it will be 36 in a year. We shall see what happens...

Margaret in Nottingham is currently playing host to a little bear called Oopsy. The idea seems a really fun one and Caroline from The Simple Things in Queensland is to be congratulated on it. I'm very tempted to find a little creature that wants holidays as well. But then I am so easily tempted by a good idea that I always want to copy them. Well done, Caroline.

I have been playing GB's CDs for weeks now and until today they have all been classical. Today I found the shelf of 'pop'. Among them were three Katie Melua CDs. I had heard of her but had never heard her sing so I put one on. Wow. She's brilliant.

I love some of GB's ornaments - in particular this wonderful piece of pottery. I used a close up of it on my Project 355 blog but maintaining the discipline of only putting one photo a day on that I couldn't show the whole dish.



  1. I'm sure the rest of the family can handle you being late once or twice (though of course it would shock us all if it became a habit).

    We too like Katie Melua. 'nine million bicycles' used to be one of the most frequently hummed tunes in our house. It's now been replaced by 'mary pickford' (such an addictive tune)although my favourite would have to be 'the closest thing to crazy' (not something we hum).

  2. I knew I'd heard nine million bicycles but was sure I hadn't heard the song - if that doesn't sound too contradictary. Now I know the answer - it's from you and Ian singing it.
    Your three favourites are also mine - is that spooky? The closest thing to crazy and nine million bicycles were written by Mike Batt (of "Remember you're a Womble" fame). Don't mention the Wombles....

  3. Katie Melua - I believe she did a cover version of the Cure's "Just Like Heaven" a few years ago and it is incredible...thank you for the reminder Scriptor -I must download it now!


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