Friday, 3 July 2009

A Thunderstorm

The story of a thunderstorm...

A pleasant sunny morning down on the shore - thunder in the distance. Half an hour to go...

Fifteen minutes to go - it's definitely time to head for home.

Back on home turf and about ten minutes before it hits...

Eight minutes to go...

Time to bring the washing in off the line - five minutes to go...

One minute to go - time to retreat indoors...

The storm arrives...

with giant raindrops , loud booms and flashes of lightning.



  1. What an entertaining post this was. I like it :)

  2. Sure missed a biggie there by the looks of it. Mind you the heat and humidity at the moment (1715 on Friday) might well pressage another one.

  3. I love this series of pictures! We had thunderstorm here too, this afternoon.

  4. Next to last image is my choice. Saw enough rain yesterday to last me a while.

  5. OH!!! So nice!!!
    Great sequence!


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