Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A Wednesday Post of Oddments

It was a bit wild and windy at times on Tuesday and the view down to the gate at the bottom of the croft had a wonderful background of breaking waves which sounded loud and clear up at GB's front door.

Another storm on the way?

Down on the beach.

Fence posts in the mist.

My daily moan involves having a trapped nerve in my knee joint which in turn caused me so much distress in the night I had a bad angina attack. I lost my knee cap in a road accident when I was teenager and just occasionally one of the main nerves seems to get the wrong side of the bones in the joint. Exercising it, which is incredibly painful, seems to be the only way to get it back. The main consolation is that once it slips back the relief is instant. But in the meantime. OW! Hopefully that's my moan for the day out of the way. (I thought if hid it in the middle of the posting it might not be too objectionable!)

Yesterday I tried to make Florentines like they serve in the Woodlands Centre. I didn't succeed. I did make an acceptable creation but they weren't the consistency I was aiming it. So it's back to the drawing board where they are concerned. The consolation being that the trials are edible - sweet and chocolaty, what more could one want?

Another sunset.



A slug that's lost its satnav.



  1. What a great series of photos - like the slug portrait. Hope your knee improves soon.

  2. Love all the quips you add with your photo's! Sorry to hear of your knee problem, moan all you like, that's what we are here for, to take the sting out of the pain.
    The Florentines may not be perfect, but they look delicious from here.

    Love Granny

  3. Thanks Granny. Though I sez so as shouldn't the Florentines are delcious. But a bit sticky for polite company so I'll have to just share them with the closest friends who don't mind licking their fingers!

  4. Love the sea and the tin shed, or tin roofed shed.
    Be glad to get on my travels, Just got in what a difference a day makes, lovely day here.

  5. I thought blogs were made for moaning. Hope the knee gets well. The Florentines look great from here.

  6. Ouch, is right. I do wish that these things wouldn't happen to us...things falling in the wrong places, causing pain...tweeks in our joints...muscles tightening...etc...etc...etc.

    I do hope that nerve soon finds it's place to be and will relieve you of pain!

    Beautiful pictures, as always. Like your slug :)

  7. How wonderful it would be to spend time in such a lovely place. How do you get some of the shots you do? Sorry about the knee, but surely the Florentines helped. I'm guessing we are all invited to sample one-- right?

  8. Are Florentines what I know as Chocolate Crispies. Cornflakes+syrup+chocolate? Not had one since I was about twelve. An idea for a post? When did Flan become Quiche? There must be loads more.

  9. I like a good storm especially the sound of waves breaking on the beach. It is a pity that you can not add sound to your photos. I am not complaining. Your photos, as always, are brilliant.

    Hope the knee stays better.

  10. I have scheduled a post to be posted on my blog at 4.34am tomorrow morning especially for you, to test the scheduling process. It is labelled 'Gobbledegook'. If it works for me it should for you, I am assured by my 'tutor'. If it does work I will then send you a detailed procedure as taught to me.
    Love Granny

  11. The problem is Granny, that it is working on some of my blogs (e.g. the words one) and not on this one. It used to work on this one but stopped. I believe there are other people having exactly the same problem and Blogger say they are looking into it - they have been since early June. It works for some of their blogs but simply stopped working on others so just because it works on yours it will not necessarily work on mine. Neverthelss, I'm grateful for you trying and will be interested to see if you are doing anything different to me.

  12. The pictures are all nice, but I'm a bit fixated on the yummy Florentines. Lucky for you, you're an ocean away, or I might be knocking on your door.

    Sorry to hear about the knee acting up. I hope it eases quickly.

    Blogger refuses to publish any scheduled post for me, and I have no idea why.

  13. Oh, I love that first one of the water. Those chocolately goodness creations look yummy to me!


  14. Well dear friend, the scheduled post as you prophesied has not materialised onto my blog. As you say, it must work for some and not for others. I say we march with banners on head office of and make a protest point.!!!
    My last port of call was to a lady in USA who frequently schedules, and she sent me her instructions, which seemed the same as the ones I had found, so I very carefully followed her routine, and was sure it would work.
    Ah well, plod on regardless.
    Hope the knee is better this morning.
    Love Granny

  15. Thanks any way Granny for all your hard work - the march is scheduled for 2 pm today. Suspect that sheduling may not work either!!!
    Since the Florentines have been such a virtual hit, Mary Ellen, I shall have to arrange a virtual business. I shall sell them on the web (free to friends like my current readers, of course) and people can send me real money for them. Wonder if that would work??
    And yes, thank you everyone, knee is much better now.


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