Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Rambling past Art on the Sea Shore



  1. I like these. Every one of these suits framing or as a postcard.

  2. John, I have caught up with your blog in a good and proper way, after work, with a nice glass of wine!

    I love your photos, as ever, and feel the sea-breeze of the Islands blowing over me here in the Northumbrian countryside... I really feel as if I have had a little break, looking at the seascapes, the rocks, stones and pebbles, the shore bric-a-brac and the lovely birds and variety of beasts!

    The photos you managed to get of the butterflies were stunning - I really don't think I've ever seen those powder blue butterflies before now...

    I really like what look like GB's art deco glassware - How incredible the set has lasted so long - Do they date from the 30's do you think? Very beautiful!

    Thank you for your daily snippets from wide and far - You have been away for ages, and it is lovely that your wife will soon be with you... I have never heard of clegs, but I am certain to have been bitten by them, and what we call the midgies... They are indeed infamous, non?!

    Love to you both, and to your lovely winsome madame, I hope the weather holds fine for you, and I am delighted to see lovely Jinksy here too now! xox

  3. Damn - did a long reply to you, WONI, and its zoomed off into cyberspace. Basically, yes the glasses are 1930s; clegs are also known as horse flies and I hope you enjoyed the wine!

  4. This post makes me wish I was back living on the coast again. Wonderful shots. (I like your new header.)

  5. fantastic shots, my fav, the fourth one. very cool!


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