Monday, 20 July 2009

Hey, how are you?

Don't you feel just awful when you write someone a letter or an e-mail that basically says "Hey, why haven't you been back in touch. You promised to visit. Where are you?"

And you get a reply from them by return of mail (e-mail) saying - "I'm half way across the world from where I should be. I'm in Payson, about 90 miles from Phoenix, Arizona; in the foothills of the Mogollon rim. My Mum's in A & E and we nearly lost her..."

That's what happened to me when I sent a :-p (pulling tongues for those not into emoticons) e-mail to one of my bestest friends the other day. Fortunately her Mum has pulled through - thanks to those shock paddles that they wield so glibly on Hospital dramas. The crisis is over though her Mum will be a while getting back to normal. And my friend is still friends with me!

On a change of subject: this is the Vermland - a silo feed delivery vessel that began work for Skretting on the west coast of Scotland towards the end of 2008. It delivers feed - by blowing bulk feed into the customer silo, emptying bags into the silo, or by lifting 1 or ½ tonne bags onto the quayside or barge.

And below is the Vermland as she looked passing by GB's today. It was Force 5 here on land but it looked a lot more windy than that out at sea....

And Jo came across the Minch on the ferry in that weather - on the MV Isle of Lewis. So she has joined me here on the island but the weather has let me down - it ain't good at the moment. Fingers crossed for tomorrow...



  1. Very comforted to hear that Jo arrived safely, inspite of the weather.

  2. Hi Jo! I hope you enjoy your stay, and it must be lovely to be re-united once again, although John has kept us entertained while you've been away! xo

  3. glad you finally heard from your friend and that her Mom (as I say it) is ok.

  4. I have my fingers crossed. Hello to Jo-- glad she made the trip safely if not quite in comfort.

  5. Hey John,

    Oh my, oh my poor Jo - if the ferry was rocking and rolling like that did she manage to arrive in one piece? (Jo I mean - I am sure the ferry did). Tell her she has my utmost sympathy - anything more than a force 2 and I am "up chucking." Wonderful phrase isn't it. It comes directly from Kate's American Godmother who lives in Warner Robins, Georgia.

    Glad for you that Jo is over here at last. Hope to see you both soon.

    Love Pat x PS. The sun did come out very late this evening - so your record of sun every day is still intact!

  6. Oh my gosh, SS, we have been talking about taking the building on wheels to Payson this very weekend, but decided to put it off a week due to mom's current health issue. Funny little world...

    Hi Jo! Glad you made it across in that weather!!!

  7. Think I might have slowed a touch in that weather. Wind over tide in the Minch makes for a vile trip. The crossing on CalMac can't have been much fun.


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