Tuesday, 7 July 2009

It had a long neck.

A couple of weeks ago GB and I were driving the Braighe when we spotted some birds. He thought they were divers, I thought they were Long-tailed Ducks. It matters not what they were (or even if we were looking at the same birds) what was amusing was he said the one he saw had a long neck. I said the one I saw had a short neck. I was reminded of this when I watched a Herring Gull the other day. Here are two photos of the same gull:-

So does the Herring Gull have a long neck or a short neck??



  1. Top one looks like a nosy-parker, hence the stretch of the neck. The other looks sad and all hunched up, feeling sorry for itself.

    Love Granny

  2. It depends upon if he is standing tall and proud, or stressed out and tense with his shoulders hunched up to his ears.

  3. Aye, and is it's head the right way round or the wrong way,useful things are birds necks, good photos as usual.

  4. Birds are accordions, really. Herons too have the ability to stretch (or shorten) their necks... You'd think they'd have long necks all the time! Maybe you and GB both saw the same bird?


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