Saturday, 25 July 2009

I've had better days...

"I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time." - Charles M. Schulz

Rumour has it - my conscious self wasn't around at the time - that I collapsed on Thursday night. Appropriately enough I passed out at the computer. But this may mean this blog is erratic for a few days... See you soon.



  1. I'm really, really sorry to hear this. Please get better soon.

  2. Good wishes my friend! We'll be waitin' for you! Hope that was NOT a literal collapse, but just a weary day!

  3. I do hope all is well with you and that your collapse was only because of your traveling and being a little "over done"! It can be tough being on Holiday for as long as you were! Keep well my friend! Look forward to your post when you are rested...miles of smiles....

  4. Hope all is well my friend and the the traveling just caught up with you! I look forward to you posts from home once again. miles of smiles....

  5. Sorry to hear that. I wish you a good rest to get firmly back into your conscious self! :)

  6. Oh, no! I will pray that it is over-exertion, and nothing else. Please take care of yourself, and let us know you're okay when you can. Perhaps the lengthy stay was a bit too much.

    Please get well, my friend.

  7. Ahhh... I hate when that happens. I hope it's nothing serious. Rest up. You'll be missed. Your fans await your return.


  8. Take it easy Scriptor, and may be give the
    blogging and indeed the computer a rest for a week or so. :-)


  9. Lol... love the quote.

    Thanks for sharing your blogs with us -- I've followed your Hebridean Blog and also, this one!


    Peace to you & your family.



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