Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A Gneiss (pronounced nice) experiment

This rock is native Lewisian Gneiss (pronounced nice), one of the oldest known rocks on the earth's surface. It was formed in the pre-Cambrian geological era. The Western Isles share this geology with Greenland and part of Canada which lay together before the Atlantic came between. This two-ton specimen€, exhibited in Stornoway Library, was quarried at Marybank, Stornoway, and shows typical banding of green horneblende, black biotite mica and pink and white feldspars and quartz - the record of its ancient formation.

So why is this an experiment? The answer is I have scheduled this posting to see if the scheduling is working again on this blog. One lives in hope...

Later - experiment failed - posted manually. Bummer!



  1. So glad that you got this posted! It is beautiful!
    In Taos, New Mexico, the earth is full of mica. They make the most amazing pottery and cookware from it. Taos is in a part of New Mexico called The Enchanted Circle. If you've ever seen mica glisten and sparkle, it IS enchanting!

  2. For your scheduling problem, try this link to Blog Doctor, maybe he can help
    There are other sites to go to for help.

    Love Granny

  3. Oh I wish we had something as intersting as that in our library!


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