Thursday, 9 July 2009

Thirsty already - I mean, Thursday already...

There I was trying to catch the different effects of the sunlight on the water and a stern trawler when a darned pigeon came in to land. I couldn't have planned such a photo if I had wanted it!

And here's another thing in the air just outside GB's front door the Coastguard air-sea rescue helicopter doing exercises! You don't get things like that outside the front door back home in Pensby!

GB got two hanging baskets for his birthday. This one, from Pat and David, is looking absolutely perfect at the moment.

Cartoon 'pinched' from Granny - thank you, Marian! And thank you to Granny as well for all the effort she has been putting into trying to solve my scheduling problem. I've given up worrying about it, Granny. Blogger acknowledge it is a problem and say they are looking into it - but then they have been saying that since early June.

Don't you just love the sub-titles people use on their blogs. Sometimes they are a brief statement of the purpose of the blog. At other times people make an attempt to sum up their life in a few short words. Then again there are the attitude ones as is to be found on the great little blog "This isn't what I ordered" (Beware - strong language in this blog!) "Some people see the glass as half empty, some see the glass as half full...I just want to know who the HELL drank my wine!"


  1. Couldn't have scripted that pigeon into the photo if you had tried! Makes a great shot though!
    It is a marvel hanging baskets survive, in the very windy place there, maybe just that bit of shelter provided by the porch is all it needs.
    Glad to hear the knee is bit better.
    Love Granny

  2. That first picture is a cracker. Must have been an omen. Good job it wasn't a Magpie. It frames the ship wonderfully.

  3. I think the opportunity for the first two shots is Murphy's Law in reverse isn't it? Pretty flowers and I love the little cartoon.

  4. Sometimes the most interesting photos are a complete accident. Life's kinda like that, too.

  5. Thank you for stopping by and making your presence known over at my blog. I've found so many interesting people and places having followed Oopsy and will certainly be back to yours.


  6. It was I, Scriptor, who drank your wine LOL!
    That bird came at the wrong moment, but then...may be the right:)


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