Saturday, 11 July 2009

Havant I had a good day...

I have a new follower called Jinsky who describes herself as a long time pen and pencil pusher and comes from Havant, UK. (Note her clever blogspot address - Havant, I thought. I know that name but can't place it. And then it hit me - Havant and Waterlooville, a Hampshire soccer team, gave us (us being Liverpool FC) a bit of a scare in 2008. Liverpool FC (for my less educated readers like Blackburn or Man Utd supporters or those abroad who follow sports like baseball) are the best football team in the UK. The club plays in the Premier League, and has won more trophies than any other English club. The club has won a joint-record eighteen league titles, seven FA Cups, seven League Cups, and the European Cup five times, a record for an English club. Little Havant lay 123 places below us in the league standings and their players were part-timers. Poor little Havant met us in the fourth round of the F A Cup in January 2008 and they were expected to be thrashed by Liverpool. OK, so we won 5-2 in the end but not before Havant and Waterlooville had led twice! I recall sitting in Jo's car listening when they scored. Didn't do my angina any good at all! No wonder the name rang bells.

Thank you Cheshire Wife for awarding me the One Lovely Blog Award. Any reader whose blog appears in my sidebar can consider themselves a worthy recipient of this award.

And if you are a regular reader whose blog doesn't appear in the More Blogs or Yet More Blogs sections write a formal letter of complaint and post it in the above letter box (or the comments box) forthwith!

Another beautiful sunrise this morning. And the sun didn't stop shining all day.

GB drove me over to Bernera and Callanish today. A lovely drive in the glorious sunshine. I shall blog more about it tomorrow when I've had a chance to sort through my photos.



  1. Congratulation on the award. Well deserved. I love the last shot in this post.

    Happy to hear you are enjoying some sunshine.

  2. Congrats,and many more to come!

  3. Goodness gracious me! Fancy your noticing my appearing amongst your followers. Here's me thinking I'd crept up quietly enough to be ignored...
    Havant is on the map :)


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