Friday, 10 July 2009

Friday 'My Town' Shoot-out - Textures


Chinchilla fur sporran with chrome cantles.

Plant life

More rust

Leather and sealskin sporran with silver cantles




Harris Tweed


Thanks to Linda at Living in the Eastern Woodlands (Ontario) for the theme.



  1. You've found some VERY unique textures to share with exciting :)

  2. WOW!!! You found some really unusual things! I probably would not have noticed the TEXTURE of these just looking at them, but I sure did from your photos! Great job!

  3. Great choices. I love rusty metal.. and wood.. and wild grasses..

  4. Interesting array of colour and texture. I think you must have a wonderful eye for 'catching' something exquisite about ordinary everyday items. I am trying to develop it too, but it may be something inborn and not acquired that easily!
    Love Granny

  5. What an eclectic choice of textures. They would all be good to feel too.

  6. Like the mooring, recycling at it's finest, ships chain to permanent anchor.

  7. loving the play of texture vs. colours, and all combined.

    Hoping this comments gets through, something in the cosmic www aint been working for me

    care and huggles (without pinched nerve pain)


  8. CJ!!!
    You did an amazing job of shooting textures!!!
    What a unique cultural perspective, as well.
    Thank you so very much!!!

  9. Wow! love the first shot and the sculpture. marvelous!!

    just me do you handle so many blogs? wow, I am impressed. (maybe at the "Gang" blog you should specify which one you post on)

  10. caught your comment on the friday shoot out' web page and so glad I did - your shots are very nice. I like the rust ones the most. I will enjoy following your shoot outs and will try to keep track of your 'mormal' entries.

  11. Thanks Doreen. Hopefully when the My Town gang get to put my name in the side column they'll link to Rambles which, as you sussed out, is my main blog. Visited your blogs and am impressed!

  12. Love this stuff, great job Scriptor! I am putting you on the side bar! Thanks...E

  13. Hello and welcome. I love all of your photos especially the 1st one. Your photos are vibrant and each one is so different from the other - I like the way you laid them out.

    Sorry about not getting you listed. I usually let Gordon do the listing as he keeps everyone in alphatibetical order. I am following you now, so I will know when you post.

    This week will be the first week I will have missed an assignment since I started the shoot outs with Reggie Girl.

    We lost Reggie Girl and Gordon stepped in to take her place (but he is Alaska now). ChefE is having problems logging in to make changes, so when Gordon gets back he will pick up our pieces. Kind of like going away on vacation and coming back and having to worked harder because everyone dropped the ball.

    ChefE has really done a great job, though.

    Anyway, welcome to our little "gang" of shooters. Look forward to seeing your photos and assignments.


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