Monday, 13 July 2009

Rambling on the bus

“Hello Bloglings” - as Doreen would say.

This morning I watched the clouds build up over Lower Bayble.

Looking for a photo to send Jo about a coffee spot on the way up North I found a whole day of photos I had not edited or used..... Gosh, there is going to be so much catching up to do after this holiday. (Are you allowed to call it a holiday when it's gone on for 2 ½ months? By the time I get home I will have been away for three months.)

Thank you to whoever nominated me for Post of the Day on authorblog. By pure chance I was just in the process of writing the following when the news came through so I nominated Mommazilla - "Mommazilla has just created what I reckon is an Award winning posting. Funny, beautiful, exciting, what more could one ask for. All that and free vomit chucked in (if you'll pardon the expression). "

On his way to catch the plane to the mainland GB dropped me off in Stornoway. I did some shopping and odds and ends and got the bus back.

Playing peep.

I showed some polythene wrapped hay the other day. This is a more traditional way of stacking it while it dries.

It's time for sheep shearing as well.

From the top of Upper Bayble it is possible to appreciate that Bayble Island is actually two separate islands. You can also see the gap when passing on the ferry but otherwise it looks like one island.

I was watching the young Starlings on the peanut feeder and was surprised to see some of them had a blue sheen to their wing and tail feathers. Unfortunately I didn't get a particularly good photo.

Yes, the bird feeder needs filling again. It's been filled twice today so they are going on short rations until tomorrow morning.

It's amazing to think that just 24 hours ago the wind and tides were so strong that the occasional waves were coming over the top of the jetty.

Now its so calm you could play billiards on it.



  1. I like all your sites, but which one is the 'Friday Shoot Out' post?

  2. Okay, I've started over because my comment got totally out of hand even for a fool such as this one. Great bunch of shots. The second one is just totally awesome.

  3. Thanks Chef E - it's this one!

    The mind boggles as to what your comment might have been, Tricia - but any comment from you always welcome! :-) SS

  4. Second is my favourite too. Good title, an entertaining post as always.

  5. Great shots, Scriptor! I think you did well on the starling. They are common here as well, and in the right light, quite iridescent!

  6. I think you can call it a holiday no matter how long it's gone on - it's about your state of mind/relaxation and not at all about length of time. It all looks gorgeous!


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