Saturday, 18 July 2009

A Disasterous Ramble

It's been one of those days. You know the sort - one of THOSE days. It starts by you being tripped up by a goose. Then after you've mopped up your spilled coffee and put on that extra wash that you hadn't planned before the caffeine stain on everything...

And so it goes on. You did your ironing on Tuesday after your regular wash so the iron goes on strike and says it's not doing a second lot this week. It says on the side of the iron that it has an automatic cut-out. Great! But how do you un-cut-out it and why did it stop in the first place?

Then you open a cupboard and the handle comes off in your hand. (It's a good job GB has this attitude that there's more things in life to worry about than the small stuff... I shall remind him of that when he gets home - and then I'll tell him!)

Oh, did I mention dropping a glass. The clever thing is I caught it and so at least there's no lasting damage done there. Nor did the split bin bag leave any long-term show after I'd cleaned it all off the kitchen floor... You couldn't make up days like this if you tried.

Then you get a phone call to say the ferry is stuck in the middle of The Minch between the mainland and the island. The same ferry which is fully booked for the next few days and which your Partner-who-loves-tea is supposed to be arriving on this Monday...

Does the Raven sitting on the garden fence post count for this list. The Raven that didn’t wait until your camera switched on before taking wing again? To me it does.

Then you go to add something to the shopping list. The same list you just rubbed off the wipe-clean board because you wrote it out neatly on a piece of paper. The same piece of paper which has presumably got picked up with the contents of the split binbag and is now nestling in the big green bin outside! Of course, it may not be there, in which case it will turn up tomorrow lunch time when we get back from the shops...

I just can’t wait to get to the safety of my bed...

In case you didn't believe me about tripping over a goose - here she is. Her sister lives back home in Pensby. Looks quite innocent doesn't she. Not the sort to go whipping the feet from under someone.

P. S. Checked the lottery - I'm not a millionaire. Bummer.

P.P.S. To play GB’s Glad Game - I woke up this morning; it didn’t rain while the washing was out on the line; I didn’t get bitten by a cleg or gored by a bull; the ferry hasn’t actually sunk; and the goose didn’t suffer!



  1. You might want to get back into bed and start over on a day like that! So sorry to hear about all the little annoyances - but I hope that the big one (ferry delay) is settled.
    I really enjoyed my ramble over your past few days' posting, especially the sound of the cornrake (can't go back without losing my comment, so hope I've spelled it right)

  2. Well as long as the goose didn't suffer it's all good. ;)

    I haven't had on of those days for a long time, but I do remember how it feels to live one. I hope you got safely off to bed and tomorrow will be bright and sunny-- and safe.

  3. Yes Cj, know those days well... sort of Friday the 13th when it's not.
    Catching up with your postings, as I have been off sick and banned from computing!
    Hope Gb is recovering from his latest treatment.
    Love Granny

  4. You seem to have had enough disasters in one day to cover for at least a whole week.

    If it's any comfort, at least you've got the gift to write about it in a way that makes the rest of us smile with recognition!

  5. Loved the Pollyanna approach in the last paragraph; loved the fatalistic one in those preceding! :)

  6. OH...that goose.

    I'm sorry that you're suffering ramble has brought a smile to me face, but I'm not terribly sorry because you must appreciate it as well...or you wouldn't have posted it.

    Hope the goose doesn't waddle out in front of you...she probably will not, now that her owner is watching :)

    Love to you.

  7. When that many things go wrong with my day, I can't help but laugh. And then I think, "this will make such a good blog post!"

    I hope you got a laugh about this at some point in your day (and I hope you have a better one tomorrow). :)

  8. Ohhh, I'm so sorry to be laughing whilst you are suffering! Hahahahaha! I did wonder about the goose! So glad there was no bull goring. I hate when that happens!

  9. The worst things makes the best blog posts, don't they? Now that I'm a blogger I more quickly see the funny side. Thanks for sharing and entertaining us with your frustration. You only get so many days like that a year (although some get more than others), and now there is one less ahead for you!


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