Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A Wednesday Ramble around Bayble

I went for a ramble this morning. It turned into a stroll which in turn became quite a long walk.

I wouldn't be any good at shearing sheep, either.

Rosebay Willowherb is one of the flowers out since last week when I walked this route.

Honeysuckle was another.

A juvenile Hooded Crow.

I heard my first Corncrake of this holiday but it remained as elusive as all the others I have heard over the years. The following video is not very inspiring insofar as its view is concerned but if you turn your sound up you will hear the Corncrake. It sounds like someone rubbing their finger along a comb.

Field Scabious.

I'm not very good at identifying grasses but that doesn't stop me appreciating how attractive they are.

Bayble Island from the jetty.

Scotland's flower.

This is a female Common Blue. Unlike the male she usually has brown upper wings covered in bluish scales with orange spots. Occasionally one is lucky enough to come across a fresh specimen in which the blue scales are really bright and have not worn off.

The female has a brown background to her underside whereas the male has a bluish grey one. She has her abdomen curled under her because she is in the process of laying eggs on the Birds-foot Trefoil plants.

That little dot is an egg!

A juvenile Twite. Normally a bird of the uplands in the rest of the UK, the Twite can be found at sea level in the far North West.

At the bottom of the croft - just the stiff climb back up and I'll be home in time for lunch...


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