Thursday, 16 July 2009

A little yellow tractor

You might wonder why I have a model yellow tractor at home. Even more strange is the fact that it was my Mum’s.

The answer lies in a long-standing comment of hers that she would like to drive a tractor. When asked if she was serious she would laugh and say she’d do it on her eightieth birthday. This was when she was about seventy.

So, on her eightieth birthday, thanks to long family memories, a colleague in work called Russ and a few slightly bent rules Mum was presented on her eightieth birthday with –

a tractor to drive....

Which she did!

She died in her nineties and would have been just as capable of doing it a few months before she died. Today is the hundredth anniversary of her birth. Happy birthday Mum.


  1. Inspiring woman! Love this post...and Happy Birthday to your Mum, sweet boy of hers :)

  2. Lovely story, brought a tear to the eye of an old cynic, all the best.

  3. She sounds like a wonderful person. My grandson would have got on well with her. He loves tractors-- trucks--trains. And to see a grandmother drive one would have made him giggle for sure. This post made me a little teary. Happy Birthday to your mum.

  4. Happy Birthday to an amazing lady!


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