Saturday, 11 July 2009

Odd Saturday Rambles

Up before dawn again - though I cheated and went back to bed for an hour at 5.30 a.m.. Then I did my daily look at a new person's blog. Checked out what the My Town shoot-out theme for next week is - Yard Objects! I know the perfect garden to go and take a photo. It's about a mile from GB's but I don't know if I can get a photo from the road. I have seen it from the bus coming back from Stornoway so if I can't get a picture from the road I shall get the bus on Monday and pray for fine weather.

Meanwhile, a new theme begins over on Heather’s 'Soaring Through the World in Pictures’ this week-end. It is statues and sculptures. GB has so many great pictures that would fit in this category that I cannot wait to see what he posts.

Then I caught up on some of my fellow bloggers.

I don't know if any of my regular readers followed Shonagh's wedding preparations over the last year on 'Mother and Bride' but it was a great blog to follow and the big event took place in Lancashire in May. (With a honeymoon somewhere near where I am now!) In the UK we tend to go in for fairly staid weddings. Generally, if the bride raises her dress and shows her garter that's considered about as risqué as you can get. Shonagh went to her wedding on a vintage bus and her outfit included a wedding dress, blue sparkly cowboy boots and a Denim jacket. Needless to say she looked wonderful. Dolly Parton eat your heart out.

Nan in New England has just had a major move around of her furniture and ended up showing photos of her living room as it is now. It occurred to me that would be a good theme for a set of blog postings - 'Show us your living room'. I can't do it at the moment because I'm 400 miles away from it and when I left it was a tip. We had all our left over stuff from selling at the flea market. I understand that Partner-who-loves-tea has managed to get rid of it all despite being poorly but I very much doubt she's had a chance to clean it up. The other issue is that we don't really live in the living room. Most of our time is spent in the conservatory / dining room or in the kitchen or the study. Here at GB's the kitchen, study and conservatory are also used far more than the living room. I wonder how many people actually use their living rooms as the main room?

On the theme I began the other day of looking at the sub-titles of people's blogs here are a couple more:-
‘Jennifer Photography’ has a quote from Ansell Adams -
"You don't take a photograph, you make it"

Isabella’s blog ‘A Look On The Random Side’ has the sub-title
“Where did I put my keys? Ooh, a bicycle! Maybe I should get a cup of coffee now.” I can think of so many people with wonderful butterfly minds like that.

And then there is ‘Linda Lu’s BTDT (Been There, Done That)’ which has the great subtitle “The making of new memories and new beginnings... as the sun sets and rises on another beautiful day in Southern Utah”. Don’t you just love the idea of making new memories? That's what every day should be about. I hope you enjoy making memories today!



  1. I've been so intrigued with your photos and posts, that I can't for the life of me remember who lead me to your portals! You captured me immediatley with the shoes and ships and sealing wax, but I did miss the appearance of cabbages and kings. However, by the time Eeyore appeared on the scene, I was well and truly hooked, and will glue you firmly to my favourites list, if you have no objection?

  2. It's come back to me - Cheshire Wife was my guide!

  3. I seem to spend most of my time in the kitchen but if I could I would be pottering in the garden all day every day.

    There is an award for you at my place.

  4. In my experience, anyone who has a formal living room rarely uses it. We spend an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen at my house. I'd like to say it's my cooking, but I'm afraid it's because there's often a jigsaw puzzle in progress on the table.

  5. Another gorgeous morning and beautiful photo!
    What a great idea, show us your living room! Maybe when you get home?

  6. Hi!

    Glad you liked that spoke to me, for sure.

    I updated my shoe post with more information - these shoes are not just for runners.

    I would highly recommend checking out the links I posted to the article and the shoe website.

    You might be surprised!


  7. I'd love to see posts on living rooms but then I'm REALLY nosey!

  8. I think it would be a great idea to show off our cobwebs to each other!!!
    Our 'living room' isn't much lived in, we have a 'snug' room with old sofa's, so the dogs can lumber in with us of an evening... otherwise we seem to live in the conservatory, with a table scattered with newspapers, magazines and puzzles, and of course my trusty laptop.
    Love Granny


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