Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Yesterday I had a moan. By e-mail to GB. Rather ironic really. There he is, on the mainland having treatment and beginning to suffer the effects of it and I choose him to moan to. Fortunately we know each other well enough for our problems to usually evoke sympathy and not a 'You think you've got problems' competition.

When I thought about it I realised that moaning at anyone I know would be a bit unfair. For example - one friend is having health problems and has just learned she's to have injections for the rest of her life. She is feeling absolutely exhausted and overworked. Another friend is trying , unsuccessfully so far, to sort out house renovations and her partner has been told his job is moving to Australia. Then there is the friend who has been ill all winter and gets tired if she so much as walks uphill. Another friend is in the process of moving house and we all know how stressful that can be. And so it goes on. Few of us are lucky enough to sail through life. It just isn't designed that way.

I often hear folk who are hard up wondering why they can't win the lottery - and I'm among them., At the moment I'm going for the record number of weeks of buying a ticket (62 so far - that's 124 draws) without winning so much as a ten pound note. Such folk look at the lifestyles of the rich and famous and bemoan their lack of money to pay the bills. But how many of the rich and famous are any happier than any of us? They too have their illnesses, their relationship problems and their self-doubt . They too worry about money but instead of concern about this week's grocery bill it's wondering if buying that football club was a good idea or not.

So, if we cannot sail through life, we have to alter our attitude to it. And that's what I'm doing this morning.

Normally I look at flowers and if it's a force 4 breeze I wish they'd stay still to make it easier to photograph them. Today I looked and thought "Gosh, don't they look pretty nodding in the breeze like that!"



  1. Hi there,

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  2. Which just goes to show that we should all count our blessings and as dear Graham would say "I don't much fancy the alternative".

    Love P

  3. Thanks Trevor. I have the school photo from about 1923 or 1924 back at home and will be happy to scan it in and send it to you when I get back home.

  4. The flowers...yes, I do that in the breeze too. Sometimes, you'll find my hand holding them still...if you look real close.

    I understand completely...completely...what you've said about having someone to just moan to. Yes, there are many who are worse off than we are...but I will say how wonderful it is that GB hears you when you need to be heard.

    So very few have I, who will just listen...not try to fix the situation in their head...not come back with "well I felt that way yesterday...or whatever" - the competition game...

    I was trying to think of who I might have that JUST listens when I need to moan...hmmmm....

    I have One, continually and really, only, One. He is with me always :)

    The trouble...why should it be difficult? I'm not able to see His face sympathizing for me...I can feel the sympathy but cannot see it. I suppose that is why we continue to look for someone with flesh who will listen. Oh well. You know what though? He somehow is always able to calm my heart, when I do come to Him ♥

  5. Scriptor,
    Well said and very true.

  6. What a very thoughtful post. You always give me a lot to ponder!


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