Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday 'My Town' Shoot-out - Celebrate Life

I normally live on Merseyside, England, UK, but as I am presently staying at Eagleton near Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, this is my 'home town' for the moment. This week's theme is 'celebrate life'.

On the Isle of Lewis there is plenty of:-


Insect life

Human life

Birdlife (I love this bandy legged Meadow Pipit).

Sea life.

Farm life

And a few people.

A still life!

Even the sea itself is alive

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  1. Love the views and photos! Well done.

  2. You might laugh, roll your eyes...but Ray and I JUST looked at the maps to your sidebar. I know that they've been there for a while now but they just perked up at me this morning as we were discussing your photos and I shared how similar the surroundings were to GB's New Zealand I realize why. Still surrounded by the ocean :)

  3. Great pictures as always, what have they to do with the celibate life? The Meadow Pipet is a little smasher. Presume you have scheduling sorted, just twelve hours adrift

  4. S.S.!!!
    WHAT a Celebration! You've captured it vividly!
    Thank you.

  5. Your photos are so crisp. Hard to pick a favorite, but I love thistle-- and the Meadow Pipit is a real cutie.

  6. awesome post!! I am late seeing this but so glad I have found your blog. fantastic!!


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