Sunday, 5 July 2009

A Saturday Ramble

Mice may like cheese but getting butter on your mouse is not a good idea. Moral - don't work on the computer while having breakfast.

I slept badly again on Friday night but at least it gave me the chance to enjoy the morning mist and dew.

You should always write things down as you think of them. (I thought of something. Wrote one sentence on another matter and when I came to make a note of what I had originally thought it had gone. What is the brain's equivalent of cyber-space?)

I thought I had got a photo of a new (to me) species of moth today and was very excited about it. However, it turned out to be a variant of the Map-winged Swift (Hepialus fusconebulosa), a moth I had seen and photographed once before - on 8th July 1981 at Ainsdale National Nature Reserve. So it’s not an addition to my list but it was good to get some better photos.

My Father’s Day present from Bryony and Mark arrived on the Island today - a Rubens Barrichello Brawn cap. (Photo courtesy of GB.) I’ve liked Rubens since he first came into Formula One. When I saw the European Grand Prix at Donington Park in 1993 Barrichello started 12th, but was 4th at the end of the first lap. He was on course to finish on the podium, but a fuel problem ended that possibility. Next to Johnny Herbert and Ayrton Senna he was my favourite driver of the 1990s. I’m in a real cleft stick this year because I would love both Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello to win the championship. Hopefully it will be one or other of them.

GB and I went into Stornoway this morning and I took some photos of “textures” in anticipation of next Friday’s My Town Shoot Out.

Another moth that has been common for a few days is the pretty, day-flying Magpie Moth (Abraxas grossulariata).



  1. Well, I seem to be lagging behind in the slow lane, as I missed the photo's in the last post until this morning. Lovely misty romantic shots, I feel I am there to see it for real.
    You look a right bobby-dazzler in the hat CJ, I like! I am also intrigued with the moth photo's, do you sit and wait in a prime spot, or are they just happenstance opportunities?
    Love Granny

  2. Glad to see that the cap arrived. I'm impressed by the post office: sent first class at noon(ish) on Friday and it arrives on Lewis the following day -- not what I would have expected from Royal Mail.

  3. Found this, this morning. hope it helps with the scheduling problem. I am sure somewhere there is an answer...
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    or try the link

    any problems linking to it you can get me to send you an email link, my email address is

    Love Granny

  4. Cracking photographs today. Misty everywhere, well here and Lewis anyway. More like November, except warm.

  5. Thanks for all the info, Granny. That is what I used to do but it simply stopped working! What I cannot understand is why it still works on my words blog.
    The moths are simply photographed as they come by but at home I do run a moth trap overnight sometimes. This doesn't harm the moths but enables me to collect a few different species and photograph them.


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