Friday, 10 July 2009

A Ramble to the Post Office

With which cartoon character do you most associate yourself? With me it has to be Eeyore. His sad and cynical approach to life is so appealing. Eeyore was created by A A Milne in the book Winnie-the-pooh in 1926. This pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, old, grey, stuffed donkey and I have a lot in common.

Don't tell anyone but the scheduling worked on this blog last night. I put the textures posting in a couple of days ago; mainly to remind me to post it on Friday. But, hey presto, it posted itself on schedule and was here when I got up on Friday morning. Let us hope this is not just a one off and thanks to everyone for their suggestions and comments as I have moaned about this issue at length. Especially Granny who tried so hard to find a solution for me.

My head is spinning. That is because I have just been doing some cooking. Why should cooking make my head spin? Because GB has a cooker hood and I have yet to learn how to avoid banging into it every time I go to stir the contents of a saucepan.

I went out for a walk to the Post Office this morning to post the ferry tickets to Jo. It is the tiny little white cabin in the middle of the above picture. You go through someone's garden gate to get to it. The Post Office is the only facility that can be found in Eagleton/Lower Bayble/Upper Bayble. Apart, that is, from a bus to take one into Stornoway where the other facilities are. It seems amazing in this day and age that a Post Office has survived in such a remote rural community. I'm sure that if this were in England the Post Office would have disappeared long ago. So congratulations to the powers-that-be for keeping it open.

Off to take the cookies out of the oven. Have a good week-end - bye.



  1. Maybe I'm not understanding (the culture), but why would this post office been closed a long time ago if it would have been in England?
    By the way, I love all the characters of Winnie the Pooh, but I quess Piglet and Eeyore are my favorites, because they're so opposite:)

  2. My daughter calls her husband Eeyore. I didn't realize Winnie-the-pooh was that old.

    I just love the light where you are. Hope your cookies came out just right and you didn't bang your head again.

  3. Snoopy.

    Our village has a general store with the post office, - don't have to walk through a garden to get to it but sometimes have to wait for them to finish cooking somebody's breakfast.

    Am enjoying your photos very much.

  4. Hi Jeannette. Over the past twenty years or so a great number of small village post offices in England and Wales have been closed down because they are not financially viable any more. That has left people without cars with no access to ready cash, paying bills, posting parcels, collecing pensions and all the other services that a post office provided. I suppose it's a sign of the times that everything has to pay its way nowadays.

  5. Thanks Tricia - no more head-banging but I'll reserve judgement on the cookies.

    Good choice, Decadent Housewife, but Snoopy would be even better if he played soccer instead of baseball. As for the post office - that sounds like my sort of place.

  6. To S.S.
    I think that I would have to be Tigger.
    My ex-husband was definitely Eeyore...that's what we called him. ;^) We bought Eeyore Christmas ornaments, T-shirts, etc.... :^) There was always the dark cloud hanging over-head. :^-

    Watch out for that cooker hood! We need your head to continue your brilliant blogging.

  7. Glad the scheduling worked for once. I am jealous, it still isn't my friend.
    I was watching 'The One Show' on BBC 1 last night and they featured the Isle of Lewis, and the topic was whether to allow Sunday opening involving all things like the shops, the ferry, etc. I believe you are currently in situ around there, am I correct? A lady on one of the boats had called the boat Stornoway.

    Love Granny

  8. Yes, Granny, the debate about Sunday being kept as a day of rest and worship has been going on for as long as I can recall but there is talk of a ferry from Stornoway to Ullapool - (and back?) - this very Sunday. If it sails it will be the first ever scheduled (damn - did I really use that word) Sunday ferry service to Lewis.

  9. Eeyore?? You?? Never would have thought that, maybe on the day's you're not feeling well but usually??

    I am more Tigger than the rest pick just one character there, I cannot. I am have the happy bounce & friendliness of Tigger; the get to business attitude of Rabbit; the cuddly naivety of Pooh and...hmmmmm....well.

    Why is it that bonking heads unaware, walking into walls that moved right out in front of a person and all the things that cause just a tad bit of ouch...always makes me giggle...even when it has happened to myself? I imagine that you'll have found yourself aware of the stove topper, when you're finally back at home in your own settings...


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