Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A Ramble over the headland

With no longer being able to schedule on this blog I don't know whether I'm doing Tuesday's second blog or an early Wednesday blog.... Very confusing.

I booked the ferry yesterday for Partner-who-loves-tea to come and join me on the Island on 20th July. She will then drive me home after we get the ferry back to the mainland on 27th July. I cannot believe I've been away from home since 1st May and yet 27th July seems awfully near when I realise it will mean returning to the real world of day-to-day worries. If only we could treat the whole of life in the stress-free way we treat holidays (if we are lucky as I have been).

I had a lovely walk this morning, stating at 7 a.m.. I went down the croft and onto the headland. From there I went over to the next headland - where I cannot recall ever having been before. Then it was up to the cairn and down to the loch. I stayed at the loch for while taking photos (and swatting horseflies as a secondary pastime). Then I walked into Lower Bayble and down the road to Eagleton and 'home' to GB's. GB is on the mainland and he seemed a bit concerned about me wandering off the beaten track where there may be no mobile signal. The ground is rather treacherous because there are old peat workings which get filled in by bog and plant life and a thigh length ducking or a broken ankle is always possible. So this morning I put a 'latest news' on my blog with a photo. That way - if anything did happen to me folk would know which direction to search in. The latest news could be done as a Twitter if I could remember how to tweet - must check it out. I know Heather was using it at one stage so if I get stuck it may be back to the fount of blogging knowledge. On the other hand I may just keep on doing it the way I have started. Oh Heavens, I'm rambling again - it's bad enough when you talk to yourself but when you do it publicly there's a danger they'll lock you away...

Any way here are a few photos from today's ramble.

The weather was warm and muggy with the sun breaking through the misty clouds on occasions. By the time the walk was over the sun had become a fixture for the day.

A Skylark.

A Meadow Brown butterfly.

The second headland.

"I know a bank whereon the wild thyme grows..."

The pretty little English Stonecrop.

The track to the cairn.

Looking at the loch and Bayble from the cairn.

The Iron Age dun in the loch.

A Small Heath butterfly.

A Pair of Great Skuas at the loch.



  1. Looks as if you had a lovely time.
    Amazing scenery!

  2. I once had twitter on this page for updating my status and it would also automatically update my Facebook status...but it became too much. I like you're header status as it is :)

    I found that Twitter was okay but when people I didn't know began following me, and others where I received emails for something that I had posted...I decided to stop using it.

    If there is anything you'd like to know of it, that you've forgotten...just send me a note :) I'd love to help.

    By the way...these are wonderfully peaceful photos you've shared - sleep well, my friend.

  3. It sounds like a perfect day! Awesome pictures, as usual. You're right, if only we could expect the wonders of a holiday everyday.

  4. Thanks for a lovely ramble. I always thinks its fun to set foot where few (if any) have stepped before. You're certainly in that neck of the woods. (Great photos too.)


  5. Beautiful collection of photos.

  6. You always have the lovliest pics, Scriptor! Your vacation is ending and mine will begin on Friday! Looking forward to it so much...the carefree days of relaxation! Ahhhhh.....

  7. Very pleasing photos of the Great Skuas. I've never managed to photo them well. Great.


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