Sunday, 10 May 2009


I'm cat-sitting while Daughter-who-takes-photos has a birthday break in Cumbria. Meanwhile, Partner-who-loves-Tea is cat-sitting back home (it's usually my job to look after them).

I'm sure William wouldn't agree but another task of great importance while I'm here is to mind this little one. She's a baby Melon. Last year I was here when the Melon plant was fully grown and blogged about the finished product. For the moment it's my job to nurture the plants in their early stages. They need ' copious amounts' of water every day. I just hope it doesn't all come from the sky!


  1. Am I allowed to say that I really miss the photo of Meek by the fire? It felt so welcoming and made you want to be right there.

  2. When I caught eye of this on my updates list, I thought..."oh, what a precious baby melon - just beginning"....and then I read your thoughts...and I smile :o)

  3. I have never thought of trying to grow a melon!


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