Friday, 15 May 2009

He Rambleth On...

For those who were wondering why I hadn't mentioned GB's scan results the answer was it's complicated. Isn't life always! But if you would like the details they can be found at A Life in the Day of...

I seem to have so much to do at the moment - exploring Exeter, recording it on the camera and in blogs, reading, admiring the garden, etc., etc. As result I am well behind in reading other people's blogs. I'm hoping for some time to catch up. It's not so much that I am anxious to read the detail of my fellow bloggers' lives (though that is the fun part) I realised that I am actually concerned to know that they are all OK. I assume that some - like Shabby Girl and Simply Heather - are fine because they've found the time to comment on my blogs and their humour suggests they have suffered no major catastrophe. But what about everyone else. Many folk have become such a part of my extended family that I want to know they are well.

Shabby Girl gave me a queen / crown award for my Word blog. I was amused to see it required me to tell you seven awesome things about myself. I wasn't sure I could think of one until I read Shabby Girl's own post and realised how alike we are. I think I can reasonably claim a sense of humour; good listener; best of intentions; encouraging; ideas person (but not great at the effort of following up);and despite, in my case, a show of cynicism, I try to see the world in the best of all possible lights and not be judgemental.

The exception is that Shabby Girl is frugal. I had to look that up - it's not a word that's ever appeared in my vocabulary. I am entirely the opposite - a spendthrift (when I've go anything to spend). So if have to find a seventh positive thing to say about myself I'd choose environmentally friendly.

As for passing the award on - that's something I've done with a couple of awards but I don't recommend this one - the picture is designed in such a way that it will just keep on adding itself to your downloaded pictures!

Other things happening in my world at the moment include Daughter-who-loves-food and Son-in-law-who cooks having exchanged contracts on a kitchen (with house and garden attached) and aiming to get the keys in late June.

And Frog-End had a visitor over-night. He denies he upset the plant pots looking for slugs but I know otherwise.


  1. Congratulations on the award. Nice list of seven. :)

  2. I've always wondered how you have time to do all that you do, and keep up on writing several blogs. I sometimes struggle to write my one little blog!

    I sometimes suspect that you manage by not sleeping, which I think you may have mentioned. Anyway, I'm impressed.


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