Friday, 22 May 2009

Ambling from Ambleside

On Friday GB and I ambled around Ambleside (in the Lake District of North West England) for part of the morning. I was delighted to get a pair of boots of a type which I have been seeking for a couple of years - and at an incredibly cheap price.

We then went over Dunmail Raise and around the 'back' of Thirlmere up to Keswick for coffee. It rained en route but stopped by the time we got to Keswick.

In Keswick we looked in our favourite art gallery where the paintings of Edward Hersey very much attracted me.

Our next break was at Dunblane where we had some lettuce, pea and herb soup at the Beech Tree Cafe. It was as tasty as it sounded (though I would have preferred it slightly hotter). Of course, it doesn't help if you take time off to do crossword clues and take photos! We had a walk around the cathedral - all of which will be blogged at some stage in the future.

In the meantime here are a couple of pictures of figures on the rood (or should it be rude?) screen.

I added to my collection of inn signs with the Tappit Hen - but what was a Tappit Hen??? It seems that the expression is Scots and means both a crested hen and a large mug with a knobbed lid.

Our next stage included the very attractive road from Crieff to Dunkeld. We ended up staying at the Royal Dunkeld in Perthshire - the gateway to the Highlands. A most enjoyable day's rambling. And now, bed calls!



  1. Wow, what a great trip - I love the atmospheric mood in the first pic!
    If you want the soup hotter, send it back (they are supposed to serve YOU, not the other way around!!)
    hope you do that next time:)

  2. Firstly, woo-hoo for finding the boots!! Secondly, I would have marveled at the paintings also. And, thirdly, the second of the statue photo with the little naked ladies...made me laugh. I could almost hear some silly music playing as they dance around that pole...hahaha.

    rood...rude...or nude ?? I think it funny that, as GB has said, our languages are different in some ways

    Enjoyable rambles :o)


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