Saturday, 16 May 2009

Rambling around blogs.

I'm slowly catching up with what has gone on in the worlds of my fellow bloggers and must mention one humungous event - Mother and bride got married and there is a picture of the happy couple on her blog. One of the ways in which their wedding was different was they decided not to have an official photographer but to invite anyone to take photos and to give out disposable cameras to the children. If this is a sample of the result it was a brilliant decision!

I notice that I have acquired two new followers in the last day or so. One of them is Linda Higgins, a mother and grandmother from St George in Utah - that's the hot end of Utah! It's sandstone and desert and heat. The scenery looks fantastic but I'm very glad I'm in cool green England (or cooler green Scotland as it will be on a week or so). I like the subtitle of Linda's blog which includes the word - "The making of new memories...".

I can't work out who the other new follower is . Everyone else is familiar so I can only conclude it is someone I have been visiting who has now formalised their following. Hint to Blogspot - how about some way of dating when people start following you? Spellchecker (known to GB and I as Spillchucker) stopped at Blogspot and suggested Bloodsport. It seems a bit like that sometimes.

This is one of the disadvantages of the sidebar. When things change in it there is no way of going back and seeing what it was like before. So, for example, quotes, followers, pictures, and lists come and go in people's blogs. Another hint for Blogspot - how about a way of freezing the sidebar when you download the page for storage.

One of the problems about blog-reading is that there are always more recipes floating around than there is time to try them. Neverthless, Nan's watercress, leek and potato soup sounds a must.

One of Shabby Girl's recent postings was babies you don't often see. How about these two for delightful pictures.

Catching up with the doings of the Archduchess is always a pleasure - even if she does have Swine Flu at the moment... Or perhaps its 'just' a cute bronchitis!

Beth has been one of my favourite bloggers since I first started roaming Blogland and today I discovered she had Startrekked herself into a Romulan. I had to give it a try. So here I am - as a Vulcan...

The tips for creating one's trekker identity suggested there should be no hair on face (not shaving off a twenty five year old beard for anyone!); no glasses (couldn't see what picture I was uploading); eyes open (why are mine always closed in photos?); and mouth closed (see opposite of eyes comment...). Nevertheless the outcome was quite satisfactory. I like me as a Vulcan.

I have no cause to learn or practise French any more (and have forgotten most of what I once knew) but I do like visiting the French Word-a-day site. If you are prospective visitor to France or are studying French I can strongly recommend it. There is nothing like an up-to-date colloquial blog for learning a language.

Well, that's all my rambling around blogs for today... Must get back to the real world!


  1. S.S.
    You're hilarious. Baby critter photos, Vulcans....and all....(He's [you're] great by the way!

  2. Some interesting new blogs to check out!


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