Friday, 22 May 2009

A long way

A long way - but a mini-ramble.

We may not have Internet access on Friday night so just thought I'd post this while I had the chance . After a lovely journey - which will be blogged at a later date - we ended up at the Queens Hotel in Ambleside for Thursday night.

A pleasant room; very friendly svie; an excellent meal of Lakeland lamb with perfectly cooked vegetables; a view of the village from the window; and - to GB's great glee - Internet access.

This is the market hall from the bedroom window - and yes, that is one big black cloud. We had a day without rain but it sure looked threatening at times.

And so to bed, again...


  1. I've never been anywhere in my life that looks like intrigues me.

  2. Oh the beauty of it all! Someday I would love to visit these wonderful quaint towns. To me they are like a fairy tale. We get so caught up in the hoop-la here in America and I must have been born in the WRONG ERA. I love the beauty of where you are. I could easily give up modern luxury's. Well maybe not the internet! at least I can visit through your blog!


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