Saturday, 9 May 2009

How could I have missed them out?

When I listed some of the cast of this blog I made the unforgivable error of missing out the cats. Our cats, Meek and Samantha, and the cat of Friend-who-loves-Otters / Daughter-who-takes-photos, William.





  1. Yikes! The bigger question is how could they have let you miss them out? Afterall, cats do run the show - not vice versa ;-).

  2. What good-looking cats you have! They are part of the family, after all!

  3. Have you been in the 'dog-house' for forgetting them?

    They look beautiful cats too.

    Love Granny

  4. What beautiful kitties! I have to go nextdoor to get my kitty fix!

  5. Thank you for the kitty fix, Sir - I so miss mine, but haven't got to a point where we feel we can re-home some little kitties yet...

    In the meantime, I know where to come!

  6. Gorgeous puss cats! I love them!!

  7. I'm so glad that you posted photos of all of your special people (and fur-persons) in your life! Wonderful! Endless blog material, fun, love, and more fun!

  8. Beautiful pusscats, with sleek, muscular slim lines.

    My Zebbycat, a rescue cat, is a pear shaped rotundity in comparison.

    And they are all such special beings to share a life with.

    Snuggly cuddles to the cats that will accept it. careful tickle under the chin to the other/s. And sincere respect to them all.

    Remember - with a dog you're the Master, with a Cat you're the servant.

    Care and huggles to you, Mickle and Zebbycat


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