Tuesday, 12 May 2009

More Rambles

Thanks for the comments about my rambling post. It's always handy to have feedback and I love getting comments on anything. They make the whole blogging process a pleasantly interactive one.

Being potamophilous (if you are going to learn new words you might as well use them!) I had a walk along the River Exe on Monday. Despite my angina being a bit troublesome at the moment it turned out to be the longest walk I've had for a long, long time.

As a result I spent most of Tuesday lazing in bed reading or around the house and garden. Just one trip to the Post Office was enough to make me glad I'd not gone down to the city again.

I took loads of photos on Monday but haven't edited them yet so the Exeter blog will have to wait a day or two.

As so often seems to be the case when one is tired the technology decided to play up. The computer wouldn't shut down without me unplugging it and taking the battery out. Ever since I uploaded the latest Windows updates its been troublesome. I should have left well alone. Vista doesn't seem to have the facility to go back to the last known good configuration as XP had. B*****y Vista!

As if the computer playing up were not enough my beloved phone gave up the ghost and stopped ringing. I use the calendar and alarm on it far more than I use the phone itself so that is a major handicap. I have a spare phone with me so I guess it will be a few days of learning my way around a whole new set of operating instructions. Ugh. I do wish they made things to last nowadays instead of this throw away technology. Just when you have got used to something it packs up and you have to start all over again. Unlike GB, who loves his gadgets, I'm getting a bit old for this lark. Those are my moans for the day. It's back to bed with a good old-fashioned book...


  1. I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling up to par. and then to have problems with gadgets on top of it is just wrong!
    Okay, you may have to fill in a couple of more letters for me...Yeah, I'm a dork, but I don't get it. :)

  2. It was simply meant to be bloody! As in Bloody, Bloody, Bloody Vista. I guess I put one too many * in.

  3. It's not just you suffering with windows update on Vista. After the updates last week it refused to load any network support. As a lot of apps rely on doing something network related nothing was working properly and a whole host of error messages kept poping up.

    System restore didn't work as it just hung. In the end an internet search (from a different PC) led me to some archaic DOS command which seemed to reset some internal cache and a reboot later it was all OK. Still wasted a few hours though!

  4. Oh...those argumentative, beligerent gadgets of ours....huh?

    Liking your rambles :o)

  5. I may like gadgets but only when they are working for me. Gadgets which work against me get very short shrift. I shall not tell you that my Vista is working well in case it jinxes it. But perhaps it knows that I love it and responds accordingly.


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