Monday, 18 May 2009

Rambling about when things go wrong

My Nokia phone having finally given up the ghost I changed to my old Samsung which I got from E-bay a couple of years ago. That lasted about an hour before it too packed up. Needless to say I had spent the hour storing numbers and finding my way around how the phone worked. However did we waste our time before we had all this technology to waste it on?

One of the things that I never got around to exploring before the phone died was what the Vodaphone 'Naughty' menu would have led me to. The mind boggles!

Partner-who-loves-tea is even more upset with technology at the moment. She is being kind enough to open all my mail and send me the details while I'm away. She listed all the bills, etc, in an e-mail and then pressed that magic key which makes everything you have written disappear. For those who have had this happen to them and don't know what causes it, the answer is Control and A. If you press this by accident (instead of Shift A for example) it selects all the text. The moment you type something else it replaces what you had typed and you lose everything. As soon as you spot it, go to Edit and press undo. If you haven't typed too much it will restore what you had deleted.

I try to keep the word 'hate' out of my vocabulary. It's not a pleasant word. But I cannot think of any other word to describe how I feel about the wind. I can cope with extreme cold, wet, heat (just about), snow, and anything else the Weather Gods choose to throw at us here in the UK. After all, it is not one of the world's extreme climates by any stretch of the imagination. But the wind really gets to me. Now I've found a new reason for disliking it. As soon as I'm out in it my angina attacks increase. I'm not sure whether it's the effort of fighting it or simply the stress caused by my dislike but either way it adds to the unpleasantness. I can understand the reason for heat and cold, wet and dry but why do the Gods send wind except to annoy us? Surely a gentle breeze would serve the purpose. That's my moan for the day...

A friend sent me the photo below in an e-mail; I presume the conversation that led to it went something like this:-
Baker's shop: 'Hello, how can I help you?'
Customer: ' I would like to order a cake for a leaving party.'
Baker's shop: 'What you want on the cake?'
Customer: 'Best Wishes Suzanne' and underneath that 'We will miss you.'

STOP LAUGHING - these things happen, OK!

BBC2 has a live Sunday morning show called 'Something for the Weekend'. It includes plenty of cooking, chat with guests, excerpts from TV programmes of the previous and next week, a new gadget round-up, cocktail making tips and a good deal of banter and camaraderie between the three principals - Simon Rimmer (the chef), Tim Lovejoy and Amanda Hamilton.

You get the impression that the three of them really enjoy working together. It's the only programme - apart from a Formula 1 GP - that I've watched in a fortnight. Despite the fact that I often play the TV as a little corner of my computer at home I don't miss it at all when I'm away. As always this weeks 'Something for the Weekend' had a couple of mouth-watering recipes - including a baked penne with ricotta and sausage and a lemon and lime pavlova. These are available for the next few days on the BBC website.

And, talking of mouth-watering, one of this week's guests was the very attractive actress Donna Air!



  1. I just can hardly picture you saying the word, "hate". :^0 :^) ;^)
    Oklahoma is windy a great deal of the time. All, that is, except for the hottest of summer days when one would PAY for a breeze to blow through, but could it then??? NO.

  2. CJ: With your angina, etc. you may want to check out my latest "obsession": EFT. Here's a link. It's easy. Free. And seems to work on a lot of stuff. This web-site has a free book to down-load. Between that and surfing the web, it's easy to become a beginner. Since I thought of you, I thought I'd pass it along.

    I always enjoy your visits and comments on my blog. I visit yours often and always enjoy it.


  3. Thanks Don. My wife is actually a qualified EFT practitioner and frequently uses it in her therapies.

  4. Your post had me in great chuckles this morning, 'Bin there, got the T-shirt' sort of thing., with phone, lost computer post, and wrong wording on the cake.
    I agree with you about the wind... don't have angina, but the chilly wind gets in my bones, and makes me creak all the more!

    Love Granny

  5. I hate chilly winds, too. They seem to make all kinds of aches and pains worse...

    Loved that cake! One of those rare mistakes that come out better than the original intention, because you can't help laughing at it...!

  6. 1) Typing Control Z will undo an accidental delete (this has saved me more than once). Control Y will redo an accidental undo (this has also saved me more than once).

    2) has TONS of funny cakes (this one was actually featured in there and is one of the more famous ones.)

  7. Thanks Archduchess, that is most useful and has been passed on to Jo - who also sends her thanks.

  8. Aren't other people's blogs useful? I use the Ctrl ? keys a lot but didn't know about Ctrl Z. Thanks a million. Wish I'd read this before the last posting I put on Eagleton Notes!

  9. Oh that cake made me really laugh out loud! And I hate the wind too!


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