Sunday, 24 May 2009

Saturday's happenings

We began the day by exploring Dunkeld - not that Dunkeld had woken up by the time we left . We drove North and called in at the House of Bruar, a shopping centre on the A9. GB bought a couple of wooden spoons which he 'played' as we wandered around the shop. You can't take him anywhere! (Except, of course, that he's the one who takes me...).

In the Gallery at the House of Bruar there were some fantastic wooden sculptures of bird families by Jack Falconer. This family of Long-tailed Tits made in London Plane and Rhododendron was my favourite.

We had coffee at a cafe in Newtonmore where I couldn't resist having a piece of the toffee banofi pie. I'm glad I didn't resist - it was first class. We then moved on to Inverness where GB did some shopping. I took a few photos but dodging people seemed to be the main occupation on the busy streets.

According to this drain on one of the pedestrian streets "There is no such thing as bad weather - only different types of good weather". I remain to be convinced of that. Especially as it began to rain when we left Inverness.

GB drove over the Moray Firth and we headed North, stopping at the Inchbae Lodge Hotel for another coffee (and a Tunnocks Tea Cake). We had seen signs that the road between here and the ferry was blocked and there is no alternative route. The next ferry is not until Monday! It turned out that there had been a fatal accident. As it happened, the road was cleared in time for us to make it to the ferry at Ullapool well before it sailed. It seemed strange that our lives would just be carrying on as normal whilst somewhere a family was getting news that someone had died. You just never know what is around the next corner in life.

Is GB deep in thought? No - he's watching the TV in the Inchbae Lodge to see who got pole position for tomorrow's Monaco Grand Prix.

There was still snow in the gullies on these tops as we headed Westwards to Ullapool.

Down where we were it was raining heavily and the weather looked even worse ahead.

We left Ullapool in the mist and rain. But once the boat sailed the rain eased off. Two hours and forty mnutes later we arrived at Stornoway and I managed to maintain my reputation for bringing good weather to the Isles.

It had been raining there all day but as we crossed The Minch on the boat it cleared up and the sun could be seen shining down on Lewis. Let's hope I can keep up the good work for the next few weeks!

And so the sun set behind the Stornoway War Memorial as we arrived. And I headed for bed - for at least twelve hours, I think. That GB chap is so generous - he's given me his cold!

(Me and my big mouth - it's now Sunday, it's Force 4 and it's raining!)


  1. Playing the wooden spoons? Sounds entertaining :o) to hear that - maybe a video, for me?

    I am enjoying this travel with you both! Yes, GB was either deep in thought or catching flies with open eyes (day sleeping) :o).

    OH - and as the boys are sitting here waiting to use my computer, I shared these photos with them. We all enjoyed the drain, nothing like this here in VT (where we are). I do agree with the words...clever find.

    Continue on in safety and peace...

  2. I so enjoy going on holiday with you two! I feel like I've been along!

  3. Looks like it was a very eventful day. Loved the carving of the birds.. wonderful work. I expect they are way out of my paying ability!
    Shut up about Banofi pie! I am drooling...
    As usual the weather featured quite a bit in the day, but heck! we are used to that.
    Love Granny


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