Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Real Rambles

"I do wish he'd stop messing with the side-bar!" That is no doubt what some folk are thinking. But Daughter-who-loves-food pointed out she missed the picture of Meek by the fire. And so did I. So Meek is back.

It has also occurred to me, while thinking about my blog (something I seem to do rather a lot!) , that few of my posts actually ramble. They tend to be about a single topic. So, occasionally, I shall have a real ramble and just put down my thoughts as they occur to me.

After a week away from home I was beginning to suffer from withdrawal symptoms - from crosswords. Partner-who-loves-tea and I do one whenever she is at home and gets the opportunity to relax for a coffee.

Fortunately Waterstones provided me with a new book to tackle as I had a coffee and flapjack in Exeter city centre. No doubt Brother-who-blogs and I will carry on working our way through it when he comes down to Exeter in a week or so.

By chance, while surfing the net the other day, I came across the website of Clark Little. Clark is a surfer himself - but of the getting wet in the sea variety. What makes his site unusual is that he takes photos while he’s doing it. And not just any old photos. They are the sort of photos you want to blow up to an enormous size and have on your wall. So, if you want to see some fantastic pictures please visit his website.

You can tell I'm on holiday - the paints and sketch pad are out again.

I might have a go at reproducing this abstract created with the camera while trying to find a hedgehog in the moonlight.

I'm not sure how much Partner-who-loves-tea misses me while I'm away. We are both fairly independent sorts who can manage quite well with our own company and she has Son-who-watches-films with her to ensure she keeps her hand in at cooking, washing and the like. But she made it plain she missed me on Sunday morning. We were chatting on Skype when she went into the lounge. As usual she found two cats in there. As is less usual, she also found a Wood Pigeon.

This is a family-friendly blog so I won't include the words she said next. Suffice it to say it was enough to make me wonder if one of the cats had died! When she explained what the problem was I had to suppress my laughter and make soothing and sympathetic noises down the computer microphone. The Wood Pigeon had obviously come down the chimney and was sitting on the window ledge. I listened from 250 miles away as she threw a towel over it and took it out.

The Skype call then had to be abandoned for ten minutes while Partner-who-makes-tea went and lived up to her name. Nothing like an infusion of caffeine and tannin to calm the nerves!



  1. I am quite happy that the welcoming fireplace and feline friend have returned! It makes your ramblings that much cozier!

    Speaking of ramblings... I really liked this post. You can tell so much more of a person by following their train of thought!

    I hope the trip is going well.

  2. Sounds like you are having a good 'ramble' around Exeter anyway. Love the look of the table, laid out for coffee and crosswords.... looks like a scene from Poirot!
    At least the pigeon hadn't been molested by the cats, or else Mrs Tea would have had a host of feathers to clear up as well.
    Skype is a wonderful bit of techno isn't it? With it, I can monthly chat, and SEE my son in the USA, making their absence less painful.
    I am off to view Mr Little's website now, sounds interesting.

    Love Granny

  3. You should ramble more often! By the way I think you'll find that the photo you call the abstract is the wrong way up.

  4. I rather enjoy all of your rambles. You need to share more of your artwork. I'm always in awe. Now, you must have twice as much energy as my youngest son; to keep up with everything that you do in a day. AMAZING, you are :o).

    I always read and look forward to your posts.

    I didn't realize that Jo was somewhere without you...until now :o)

    ♥ Heather

  5. OH - and you sidebar....you know I like change, but do continue Meek :o)...wonderful welcoming photo.

    The blog looks clean and fresh :o)

  6. I wonder what would have happened had it been a rather large wasp, rather than a dopey bird?

  7. Yes, Heather, poor Jo has to work for a living! And as for your question, Bryony, I dread to think what would have happened. Just keep your fingers crossed the wasps stay out of the house for the duration of my holiday!!


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