Thursday, 14 May 2009

Rambling around Exeter

On Monday when I took my walk around Exeter and along the River Exe I spent the whole morning with the camera on a wrong setting. As a result every photo of my walk had to be extensively played with on the computer to make it acceptable. A lengthy process and I was annoyed with myself that I hadn't been more careful. One advantage of being unable to sleep is that it gives me plenty of time to do these things. There's always a positive to be found if you look hard enough!

On Wednesday I went into the city centre again and had another wander. It was umbrella weather but that didn’t stop me taking photos.

While preparing the text for my Exeter blog about places I had visited on the quayside I found I had missed some. So, despite the rain, I retraced some of my steps - literally, there are over 100 of them in this stretch alone.

On Monday I had coffee and a piece of rhubarb pie at a cafe on the quayside. The pie was lovely but I would warn you to ask the prices if they aren't on display. I hadn't realised I was buying shares in the company!

On Wednesday I had my coffee and some treacle tart elsewhere. Try drinking this without getting any on your moustache!

On Tuesday I lunched at home. My temporary home, that is. We don't live near a Sainsbury's in Pensby. Which is probably a good job! I cannot go in there without buying myself one of those 'fill-it-yourself' tubs of salad combinations. The Sainsbury's round the corner from where I am cat-sitting has a huge counter, full of delicious mixtures.

Add to that their warm, newly-baked bread and I was one happy bunny!

On Wednesday I also called in at Cricklepit Mill which I had missed first time round. I got a brilliant one-to-one guided tour. I wish I had made a note of my guide's name because she deserves a mention by name for her knowledge, her ability to make it interesting and her obvious dedication to work of the Devon Wildlife Trust and the Mill. Fortunately I had just left as these schoolchildren arrived. Not that I have anything against schoolchildren - lightly toasted with garlic btter!

Friend-who-loves-Otters will be quite envious of my visit there. An Otter had visited the mill the night before and left its spraint and footprints. They had also caught it on cctv which my guide kindly showed me on her laptop. Hopefully the pictures will be up on the web at some stage.


  1. Very nice pics. I like the stairs/road with a half twist.

    "...not that I have anything against children -- lightly toasted with garlic butter." Great line.


  2. Great photos. I always wish I could visit your homeland whenever I see how lovely it is.

    Children with garlic butter? So funny! I'll use that one, with your permission.

  3. I like children--but I could never eat a whole one!

  4. Only lightly toasted?

    Wonderful posting CJ.

  5. It all looks so yummy - the food and drink, that is :o)

  6. Oh dear, your blog made me VERY hungry!

  7. Love these pics-- especially the steps. The food looks great.

  8. Oh, I like the stone steps. Very nice.

    Also, that coffee looks awesome...


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