Friday, 22 May 2009

Rambling about God

"Ille potens sui
Laetusque deget, cui licet in diem
Dixisse vixi! cras vel atra
Nube polum pater occupato,
Vel sole puro

["He lives happy and master of himself who can say as each day passes on, 'I HAVE LIVED:' whether to-morrow our Father shall give us a clouded sky or a clear day."]
            - Horace - Odes, iii. 29 .

Horace was born in 65 BC and died in 27BC. The reference to Our Father is simply to a higher being and not a Christian God as it might nowadays be interpreted.

(I begin this ramble with this particular quote because it seems to sum up GB’s approach to life.)

When I was young I was far more certain that there was a God. I do not know whether it is because one is more easily influenced by one's parents when young or whether life's events have made me less sure as to why a God would inflict such pain on the world. A lot of pain, I know, is inflicted by Man upon himself, or upon his fellow Man. But some, like the death of a child (an event both my brother and I have experienced), one can hardly blame on another person.

In a way it now seems cosy and warm to be enveloped in an all-seeing God as Heather, for example, is. On the other hand I know from my youth that strongly believing, as I did when David died, doesn't really help to ease one's situation or one's grief. So it is only from the outside that the believer seems to have it cushier than the non-believer. Heather's grief for the loss of her mother also demonstrates that to those who read her blog.

The thing that is most peculiar about my comparatively recent uncertainty is that I find it fairly easy to believe in a God and pray to him for someone if they in turn believe. When they don't believe it is harder for me to ask God's help. My oldest and dearest of friends, needs my prayers at the moment to help kill off any cancerous cells that may be floating around threatening him but prayer (and the faith needed for it) are hard to come by. Partly, it seems, this is because he lacks faith.

There is no logic in that. But I guess logic doesn't enter into religion. Religion is about belief and faith not logic. 'Que sais-je?' - 'What do I know?' - as Montaigne wrote five hundred years ago.

This really was a ramble. Thoughts leading nowhere in particular. But, in its simplest form, I would just ask folk to spare GB a thought now and then. Thoughts, I am sure, have wings - whatever aids their travelling.


  1. Life isn't easy, and I suppose that's the whole point. I think of this as "school house Earth", and think that whatever we endure here must be necessary for our growth. I like to think that we just can't see the long range plan, but God has the wider view. I will pray for your friend!

  2. Dear S.S.
    I am so glad to hear someone having similar thoughts about this subject of God or a higher power. I have hardly been able to put it into words. Perhaps your blog has given me a place to start...
    No matter what, I will send prayers, positive thoughts, requests, or any manner of whatever would change the GB situation.

  3. I think as one grows older, one generally tends to grow less sure about things. One's beliefs are not as sharply black & white as they used to be, more shades of gray have come into the picture.

    It is also not really illogical to feel that it is harder to pray for someone who lacks faith, because the Bible talks so much of faith in connection with prayer. However, there are also stories that seem to indicate that the faith does not necessarily have to be found in the person who needs healing. And sometimes, faith is found in someone from whom we did not expect it. One story that came to mind as I read your post is the Roman centurion praying for his servant in Matthew 8:6-13.

  4. You must know that I think this is your best ramble for me :o)

    Don't worry too much about our dearest GB, God will allow him the time to regain, to believe. I trust that with all I have in me. There is a reason that we're all in this together, at this time in his life :o).

    I also understand your thoughts with praying for someone so dear to you, someone who is seemingly lacking in is difficult, I've been there. There are things with my own husband that keep a wall up because his faith isn't as strong BUT - remember that keeping connected with our Father will always benefit.

    And..I've always thought that in the loss of young ones and for those who have gone before us while too young...God knew their days ahead, He ransomed them from the other pains that we could not see. Maybe their heart was in a pure place, a place to worship Him more clearly by His side than on this earth.

    I know that in everything which causes us pain and grief, God is right there with us...waiting for our hurt to depart and joy to be found through Him. Just as a father or mother hurts when their child is hurting...

    I also believe with all of my heart that it is not for us to know whether someone believes, has accepted Christ or knows where they are is a matter between them and Him. We shall be so surprised by those who greet us there someday.

    Some things cannot be proven, but can only be felt with the heart.

    Love to you both, dear ones. I treasure this timing.

  5. This post really struck a chord with me. When I was younger I was very religious. As a young child I wanted to know about God and to know God. I've known for many months now that I feel differently, but until I read your words I don't think I understood that I am actually uncertain about much I have believed most of my life. For whatever my good thoughts may be worth I will do as you request for GB.

    Thanks for doing this post.

  6. I must say that I absolutely felt a warmth in my heart when I read the second paragraph of Dawn Treader's comment. So true! The reminder of this really was needed, for me, and was revelation to what God is doing in GB's path. Oh, yes!

    Thank you, Dawn Treader!! Your words are a testimony.

  7. John,
    Little David is in heaven with God this very moment, viewing in awe the majesty and glory of the Almighy God. Experiencing something that we cannot even imagine with our mortal minds.

    So, is God evil for taking little David early to be with him (perhaps ensuring that David can go to such a marvelous place -- as opposed to the alternative). Or is God evil for making us live longer to endure the limitations and sufferings of this world?

    Which is better - life, or a death that leads to a better, eternal life?

    The skewed perspective of our mortal life sometimes blinds us to the greater reality. Life is precious -- but death may be also.. for "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints".

    May you find the faith to believe upon God and cast all your care and trust to him -- 'for he careth for you'.

    -- I was with you as you pondered upon lifes pathway.


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