Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Melon - again

Last Thursday I took a video of Ian's melon being harvested. I had intended to show a few frames from the process on the Blog but as yet I haven't worked out how to do so. Everything I save - using my usual paint program, Imagefolio, or Paint or Irfanview - comes out as a blank. This is the one time that Windows Vista might be better since it has a snipping tool which obviously works differently to the Print Screen process. Any way, here is the finished product...

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  1. Nice melon!

    Print screen won't work as the video doesn't go through the normal video pipeline and hence doesn't appear on the clipboard during a printscreen.

    However, I've found that if you can play the video in quicktime then you can copy the current frame when paused to the clipboard simply by doing Ctrl-C


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