Thursday, 28 May 2009

Dunblane Cathedral

On the way up to the Isle of Lewis we stopped for a walk around Dunblane and its cathedral. Here is a black and white photo essay. Most of the pictures are self-explanator but I must mention that this first one is a 10th or 11th century Christian cross. It's amazing to think that a cross made of sandstone has been around for a millennium and is still in such good condition.



  1. Love the insides of cathedrals built in the Gothic period! Wish they were not so cold. If one thinks how much work it was to build these, it's a phenomenal feat!
    I finally posted the blog post for the white butterfly I saw on your blog. As you will see it's not a realistic rendition, LOL.

  2. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing! I especially love the first photo of the cross.

  3. Beautiful photographs, well done sir.

  4. I love black and white photos. These images are really wonderful.

  5. Lovely! This is one thing I miss most about not having travelled abroad in so long - the magnificient cathedrals. That, and the ancient tombstones. Sigh.


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