Saturday, 2 May 2009

Journey to Exeter (part 2)

After coffee we passed Wenlock Edge and the other hills of South Shropshire.

The day's journey was enhanced everywhere by the beautiful cherry blossom along the roads.

And the fresh spring green of the trees gradually increased the further South we got.

It's always fun seeing what else is on the road. Not sure what this is but with the top down an the sun shining I expect the driver's enjoying himself.

As Jo drove through Craven Arms I photographed this piece of street architecture.

It was only when processing the photos that I realised they were sheep on it. (I'm not qualified to say whether the sheep were cute - no doubt GB and Spesh will tell me - but the sculpture as a whole looked a bit hideous to me!)

It's difficult to photograph buildings as you pass in the car - they are usually too close or gone too quickly - but I managed to get these cottages that were set back from the road.

And yet more rape.

And there were plenty of lambs in the fields as well.

The Hawthorn - otherwise known as May blossom - is supposed to flower by May 1st. These last few years it has been much earlier and this one was at its peak today.

We stopped briefly a Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum for a look around the gift shop and a trip to the loo. We shall resume our journey shortly...


  1. I noticed in the first photo of the sculpture that there was some sort of critter in it. At first glance, I thought pigs but then saw the second photo - CLEVER sculpture, don't you think?

    I like the sheep :o)

  2. The car is an AC Cobra. The driver would definitely have been enjoying it. From the registration plate it is 1984 and would therefore, I think, be a MkIV with a 5.0L Ford V8 engine. A lorra lorra grunt in a car that size.

    Looking forward to the next part of the journey.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! It looks like a beautiful place. I could just roll in all the green!
    A rather strange sculpture, but I kind of like the sheep! He he he.

  4. What a lovely trip. Here is is nothing but vast expanses of dirt and cactuses. I miss Europe.

  5. Stunning photos. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. :)

  6. S.S.
    More beauty and serenity. So lovely. The sculpture is not refined, but it is fun! I'm with Heather, I the sheep are "cute". :^)
    And GB---you add the humor to the comment section....your details of the car just strike me as funny! :^) :^) :^)

  7. Thanks for takin us along for the ride. Shrewsbury is a place I'd truly like to visit - but then, there are so many. The countryside is just as I'd imagine, for this time of year. You're certainly a couple of weeks ahead of us.

  8. thanks for taking me on this trip!! have never been to wales...its very GREEN!!! Love the bookshop and bric a brac, would love to have a peek in there!!

    FFF x


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