Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Of Dogs and Cats and Florentines

We went into Stornoway this morning and after shopping we had coffee in the Woodlands Centre where I could not resist my usual coffee accompaniment there - a Florentine.

This splendid fishing boat - The Reaper - was in the harbour.

In the afternoon we took C-from-Next-Door around to Pat's for coffee. Briagha was as welcoming as ever.

I was also introduced to Misha - a new addition since I was last on the Island.



  1. Oh, your accompaniment with your coffee looks delicious - but I know a Florentine as an Florentine omelet (with spinach, mushroom, and sauce Hollandaise). So what is your Florentine like?

  2. Great pictures. I especially like the one of the kitty peering around the bannister!

    I've looked and looked at the photo, but I can't tell what exactly makes up a Florentine?? Do tell.

  3. Misha looks adorable.. that inquisitive peer through the bannisters....

    Love Granny

  4. What a beautiful white dog and the kitty has that usual curious face as do all kitty's.

    That breakfast looks so yummy - and I see the coffee always looking so fancy...how do you do that?

  5. Lovely blog. I spotted the Tunnock's Tea Cake lurking by the coffee! I know you would have enjoyed it Graham.

    - and to Simply Heather - the white dog is a Retriever and her name is Briagha (pronounced Breeya) which means Bonny or Beautiful in Gaelic. My cat is part oriental (with a voice to match) and her name is Misha. I am glad you liked the pictures - Bless you John - as always your pictures are appreciated. x

  6. Fun! Looks good...I've had something like it many years back. I think the success of the recipe holding together well depends upon how much humidity is in the air, as with a lot of candy-making.
    Hmmmmm....I seem to recognize the candy wrapper across from yours from someone's detailed blog of not too long ago!


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