Friday, 8 May 2009


I'm sure some of my readers think it sad when I get excited by things like snails but that's what happened in Otter Nurseries. I do not claim to be a molluscologist (or whatever the appropriate word may be) but I decided this was a Pfeiffer's Amber Snail (Oxyloma elegans ).

I have photographed an Amber Snail before but I've never seen a Pfeiffer's Amber Snail even though they are equally common and found throughout Europe. I am assured it is pronounced Fifer's - something I should apparently have known if I watched films! Perhaps I should call this little specimen Michelle.

So, it has been added to my list of species seen. Small things (literally - it’s tiny) amuse small minds.


  1. Snails are so wonderful! They creep along in all sorts of funny manners and poke their eyestalks at you and make bubbles...

    Did you know the way a snail's shell coils is genetically determined (but not by its genes, its mother's!)

  2. You really do have eclectic interests! I prefer the furry species of the animal kingdom myself, but I have to admire the photography!

  3. I always knew snail reproduction was complicated but didn't know that, thanks Archduchess. It's good to know someone else is a mine of semi-useless information!

  4. Snails are such beautiful creatures, as long as they keep their shells!
    Fingers crossed for your GB.
    ...and must say, what a good looking gang you've got!

  5. I've never before met anyone who photographs snails! takes all sorts I know. I thought they were all pests who ate all the vegetables in my plot. I suppose they do have some sort of beauty.

    Love Granny

  6. Never tired of anything you share!! must know, that I too, take the oddest pictures and will forever be amused by the tiniest things.

    I was out in the rain at the horse farm yesterday, on my knees, trying to get some water droplet shots from a fence wire. The farm lady yelled over "What ARE you doing?" I looked and laughed...and I told her. There were two standing over there and they both smiled and said..."atleast it's not the horse poop, like we thought". HAHAHAHA never know what you might find in it....j/k

    super shot!

  7. oh and my heart warmed with the wee bit of knowledge from The Archduchess - the love of a mother, even in a teensy-weensy snail ♥

  8. I for one, find all creatures fascinating and worthy of photographing. Snails are great litle critters. Your posts are always interesting!

  9. Semi-useless information is the best! It's not good for much, but it keeps you entertained on slow days and occasionally comes in handy or is somewhat related to the subject.


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