Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Of sunsets, sunrises and shirts

It is worth coming to the Outer Hebrides just to see the sunsets and sunrises. In summer you have to stay up late to catch the former and be up very early to see the latter.

On Monday night the sun dropped below the skyline of Lower Bayble just as I ws on my way to bed but I had a lie in until 6.00 am on Tuseday so the sun was already well up over Bayble Bay. By 6.15 a.m. GB was on his knees in his dressing gown pulling blanket weed out of the pond. I've spared you (and him) a photo. But then he might have retaliated as I was wandering around in a weird assortment of clothing.

I commented, half jokingly, on my Hebridean blog the other day about a friend wearing a corporate green shirt instead of his usual white ones. Needless to say he looked very neat and smart but there is a certain something about the wearing of a crisp white shirt that makes a man stand out. When I worked I wore a shirt and tie all the time and on special occasions I would wear a white shirt but for most of the time I wore a lightly patterned or slightly coloured one. I don't think I realised at the time the difference that a white shirt can make. Nowadays I hardly ever wear a formal shirt - favouring instead the casual polo shirt or occasionally a T-shirt. Suits have been replaced by casual trousers and jumpers or cardigans. For a slightly warmer outdoor wear I can usually be seen in tracksuit tops. It occurs to me that a change back to shirts and ties may not be a bad thing. Whether I shall do it or not remains to be seen.

The showery day led to a couple of rainbows in the afternoon. This first one was a broad band well out to sea, towards the mainland.

The second rainbow was a complete one across Broad Bay with part of it a double rainbow. It was very impressive.

By the time the third rainbow appeared I was getting a bit blase about them. But the fourth one seemed to end in the garden before gradually moving out to sea.

I've never seen so many rainbows in one afternoon before. With all those pots of gold around perhaps I should check my lottery ticket.


  1. Ohhhhhh! What a gift you were given! Wondrous! Lovely photos! Fun post.

  2. That's incredible, 4 in a row - may not be a bad idea to get that ticket LOL. The only unusual thing I've ever seen about rainbows is that I saw two next to each other at the same time. But I was driving, and didn't have my camera with me:(

  3. Beautiful rainbows, beautiful images.

  4. How utterly in awe I am with all the rainbows. It is always a thrill even now when I see a rainbow, I go straight back to childhood! ... so for you to see all those in one afternoon. Wonderful.
    I am glad you brothers are respecting the mode of dress of each other! we might have had a series of snaps of early morning chaos... I am not fit to be seen till I have limbered up and managed to shed the nightly trappings. Well! one does like to dress comfortably in the latter years, no more baby-dolls or negligée's for me... sigh.
    Keep snapping in Stornaway!
    Love Granny

  5. Super photos, John, the light in the higher latitudes seems so different, just pure, subtle colour. Enjoy your visit.

  6. I re-read the line about GB in his night dressing, pulling weeds(?). Cute...would like to see that photo but I completely understand brotherly retaliation ;o).

    About the crispy white suits - I suppose that could change the way that you feel in a given day as well.

    And these rainbow photos are wonderful. I like how you touched up only half of that one...pretty neat.

  7. I rather miss spectacular sunrises and sets, we don't get them much here. But we do get lovely long evenings for bat-watching, so I can't complain.

  8. I really get a thrill out of a rainbow. It feeds my imagination.

    I'm all about dressing for comfort these days, if I'm staying home. That being said, I wish all men had to wear shirts and ties all the time! There's something about it that makes me happy.

  9. One day I was running errands in town and there was such a stunning rainbow that everywhere I went after that people were talking about it in delighted amazement. Did you see the rainbow?! Such a feeling a pleasure and excitement through the town.

  10. I am so intrigued by the poetry of your photos! I had a few days catching up to do as I steer away from a computer over the weekends and the last 3 day weekend I was kept very busy around the house and yard. I can only dream of the beautiful places you visit, thank you so much for sharing...although there is so much beauty where I live, the quaintness of villages untouched by the modern world (well upfront that is) has always given me peace. HUGS....


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