Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Cast

This is my main blog insofar as it is the one I try to ensure has at least one entry per day - and usually two. I thought I should show you the cast of characters who appear regularly:-

Me - sometimes known as John and otherwise known as Scriptor Senex

Jo (alias Partner-who-loves-tea) (also known as Partner-who-hates-being-photographed)

Bryony (Food-loving-Daughter)

Bryony's husband Mark (Son-in-law-who-cooks)

Helen (Daughter-who-takes-photos)

Helen's partner Ian (a.k.a. Friend-who-loves-Otters)

Richard (Son-who-watches-films)

GB (Brother-who-blogs)


  1. What an attractive brood you have there! It's great having a picture in my head to accompany the stories.

  2. Nice to meet all of you. Great looking family.

  3. I would add that Scriptor is possibly known as often as CJ as John.

  4. How lovely to meet the whole family!

  5. Nice to meet you and all of the fam!

  6. I'm not sure that thanks are in order for that CJ.

  7. John, I really must say thank you to you because I stumbled upon your blog (a world unknown to me 4 months ago) when trying to learn more about the Shiant Islands after reading Adam Nicolson's book 'Sea Room'. I have started my own blog and am becoming addicted to this thing. You have a lovely family and I do enjoy your writing.

  8. I like this photo of you GB but in the light of your comment I've changed the one in the sidebar to the one you use!

    Thanks to everyone for their comments. I don't very often respond to people's comments - it's a bit like always wanting to have the last word. But please, be assured I really do appreciate all your contributions.

  9. Sharp looking set of relatives there. Thought I would add a comment here so you don't get the last word!

    Nice to meet the clan anyway.
    Love Granny

  10. You have a beautiful family!


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