Tuesday, 19 May 2009


The previous blog posting had meant to include a picture of my long lost brother but unfortunately we lost internet access before I could put it on. So here it is - shortly after he arrived at Daughter-who-takes-photos house. The first job, as always is to admire the garden. Note the instant glass of wine!


  1. YAY to know that he has arrived well and safe. Good to have a recent photo of him. Happy to know that the two of you are together...stay out of mischeif :o) - well atleast have fun without trouble.

  2. Well, long-lost-brother certainly has the right idea. Miss my glass or two these days, but always like to see someone else enjoying it for me.
    Have a slurp on me!!!
    Love Granny

  3. Wow - I only took a few days off from the blog world, but I missed an awful lot of activity over here! I enjoyed it all, but I think I will never forget you as a Vulcan - very fitting, I think!

  4. Your brother looks tall! Glad that he came to see you.
    Just to alert you, I put the painting of the White Tree Nymph butterfly on the Scribble Doodle window of this week, but I'll write about it later. This one is done in oil on a 24 x 24 inch canvas.

  5. Instant glass of wine...Perfect!
    Lovely photo! Lovely looking garden


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