Monday, 25 May 2009

Settling in

I had a very lazy day on Sunday. I slept in until late, not getting up until coffee time to do a crossword with GB. Both of us had difficulty getting our brains in gear and it was not the most satisfactory crossword day.

I watched part of the Monaco Grand Prix and then went back to bed for a siesta. I spent some time on the computer sorting photos and then tidied up the mess I had made in GB's spare bedroom by just dumping my luggage last night. I am now nicely settled in and ready to enjoy my stay.

One of the noticeable things about staying with my big brother is that I come across reminders of my youth. This Native American, for example, lived on the wall of our bedroom at home when we were children. In those days, of course, we knew it as a Red Indian, not in any way appreciating that such terminology could be considered offensive. If you were to ask me to name one item that brought back the strongest memories of my bedroom as a child it would be this carving. It was given to our parents by 'Uncle' John Dowd next door.

How many computers does a chap need?

And how's this for a posh lifestyle - GB even has his own chocolates!!!

Actually the G & B stands for Green and Blacks but it still looks impressive.



  1. I like your rambles...very much!!!

    Biggest of smiles to you and happy that you are safely resting and recouping from a long trip there. I do like that carving, too.

  2. As written on the blog about 'John Dowd', nostalgia is lovely.
    As far as your brother having three computers, same here! I still have my XP Windows tower+ accoutrements( hardly opened these days) and an Asus laptop.... just so I can keep up with new Windows Vista... but my pièce de résistance is my MacBook Pro. That is the most reliable, easy to use, computer I have ever had. Second to none!
    Hope you continue to have a good time, and I look forward to more posts from you.
    Love Granny

  3. The strongest memory of our bedroom for me was the whale's tooth which kept the door open, even though it had been used in various other rooms for the same purpose.

  4. I am enjoying getting caught up with both your travels, CJ and GB... Whither next, I wonder?

    Very entertaining and some beautiful pictures. We lived in Inverness (very happily) for four years, and it was where my Grizz was born... So I very much enjoyed seeing those artful gratings!


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