Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow

At 11.30 on Friday night it was still light enough to see for miles and four hours later the sun was rising again.

Although the foreground looks dark in the top photos that is an effect caused by pointing the camera at the sun. Turning away and looking at the garden it is obvious that by 4 am on Saturday it was full daylight.

GB and I went into town for a spot of shopping and ended up in the Library Cafe for coffee.

Look what my brother had with his coffee. Disgraceful, isn't it. (I'm not telling you what I had but it bore an uncanny resemblance to his!)

We were down to our last Times 2 crossword clue with one gulp of coffee still to go but we made it. Our reputations remain reasonably intact!

We stopped off at the harbour to look at (and, of course, photograph) a couple of boats; a yacht and a tall ship (the Westward Ho).

Back home at GB's I lazed around reading while he got some jobs done - including fishing algae out of the pond.

Then we had our usual salad lunch which I augmented with cheese - which I'm not supposed to have.

The problem about staying at GB's is that he has some irresistible cheeses, like this Black Crowdie Gruth Dubh (pronounced 'grew doo' - highland cheese hand rolled in Scottish pinhead Oatmeal and crushed Black Peppercorns) and some beautiful Yorkshire Blue.

After lunch I read some more and then walked down the croft and along the cliff top looking at the flowers and enjoying the sunshine.

Mid-afternoon coffee saw us once again finish the last crossword clue with the last mouthful. It's such a satisfying feeling! Dinner included haggis which I love but which is almost impossible to obtain back on Merseyside. GB's haggis is vegetarian haggis but is just as tasty as the real thing. And then I had a fairly early night, reading in bed with a cup of coffee and a biscuit.

This is the life!


  1. The photo of GB with the castle behind him...I'll admit that the castle stole my attention. I've said it before; there's something about a castle...

    All of these photos, I have a comment about but I cannot see them and being a bit forgetful; I'll probably not remember what to say...especially after rambling on like this :o)

    So..I do remember the pie photo - oh - my - goodness, Lemon Meringue??? YUMMY and that is HUGE!

    Sorry to hear that you cannot have cheese, praying that you'll not feel it's effects when you simply must have a few nibbles!

    Wonderful photos! Simply wonderful.

    ♥ Heather

  2. Oh that lemon meringue pie looks YUMMY!

  3. CJ: Since you did such a great job on weights and measures, I'd like a lesson in length of days across the seasons and latitudes. LA is at about 34 degrees. Our days never get as long in the summer, nor as short in the winter as yours. Compare contrast?


  4. S.S.
    What a wonderful post! What an adventure you brothers have been experiencing. So nice that you can share it and then share with us, too. I'm with Heather...every single one of the photos is either captivating or fun. My attention was caught by the castle, too. The description of the cheeses makes them sound heavenly. I had never heard of them. Having the Scottish translation is fun, too.

  5. Don, I had a good think about this and maybe, just maybe, I'll have a go at Latitudes one day. In the meantime I've found a site that uses Google Earth to look at this -
    All the best, CJ


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