Sunday, 3 May 2009

P.S. on the journey..

I almost forgot to mention - how could I - that we saw plenty of sheep on the way... So here, for both those who do and do not think them cute, are a couple of the sheep we passed.


  1. Piebald Sheep! We don't have those here, as far as I've seen in my travels around NZ over my lifetime. A breed that is being preserved?

    Was puzzled as to which of your blogs to post a comment on. The one with the photos of your latest travels looks great too. The others again became too many for my mind to deal with.

    happy writing and travelling, care and huggles, Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand ( and from my cat, Zeb, if he wasn't snoring away....)

    Hope your travels continue to be happy

  2. Yes,Michelle (and Zeb), I think it is a Jacob Sheep,with its little black lamb.


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